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Films that Inspire Fitness

Sometimes you need to sit and do nothing but stare at the television. I get it. Unfortunately, most of TV is pure crap. But once in a while there’s something inspiring. Something that grabs you by the throat and yells in your face like a steroid-infused drill sergeant on the first day of basic training. Something that motivates you to get off your ass and get moving. I just watched 300 again. As soon as it was over I did around 300 crunches. Now, I almost have a 6 pack, but after seeing that movie I want an 8 pack—a Leonitis-like 8 pack.

The other great movie that has inspired me to take immediate action is Enter the Dragon. In fact, after watching almost any Bruce Lee flick I’m ready to work on my martial arts skills… and occasionally pretend my voice is on a time delay.

What other movies should I watch? What inspires you to exercise in any way, shape, or form? Which action flicks propel you into action?


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