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Top 5 Movies that Make You Want to Workout

A few days ago I wrote about watching 300 and doing crunches right after. Here are some of my other favorite action movies that make me want to throw my couch through a wall and run a few miles.

Rocky. Come on, how can this movie NOT inspire you to run along a beach or possibly even punch someone in the face. At the very least, next time you visit Philly, run up the stairs at the Philadelphia Art Museum and touch the statue of Rocky.

300. This movie needs absolutely no introduction. But, you can read my post about it and read all about the 300 Workout.

Enter the Dragon. It’s Bruce Lee at his finest. He trained hard for this movie, and it shows.
Bruce Lee

Ali. There is something inspirational in boxing movies. Maybe it’s that whole underdog thing or maybe I just like watching people get knocked out. Either way, this is a great one.

Million Dollar Baby. And, for the ladies, Hillary Swank at her finest—inspiring, buff and beautiful. She trained to move like a real boxer and won an Oscar for it. Plus, it’s a Clint Eastwood movie.

And as for TV, do I even have to say it? Spartacus!


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