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Severed Feet Last Longer in Athletic Shoes

Since August 2007, Canadian police have been making strange shoreline discoveries. Canada’s Pacific shore has been marred by an abundance of severed feet in athletic shoes. For example, in 2009 a severed foot in a white Nike running shoe, size 8.5, was discovered by two men walking on the beach in a suburb of Vancouver.

One foot has been identified as belonging to a missing man who was known to have been depressed. Two feet belonged to a woman missing since 2004. Many other feet have had their DNA tested, yet no matches have been made.

The police seem to believe that there is no evidence to support foul play. They believe that the limbs disarticulated “through a natural process.” However, it is relatively difficult to believe that these legs and feet could have naturally separated from their respective bodies; especially when some of the identified feet belong to people who were reported missing.

Yesterday, August 31, 2011, another human leg in a running shoe was found in British Columbia. This is the eleventh severed foot to have washed up in the Pacific Northwest since 2007.

So, why are all of these feet washing up in athletic shoes? According to scientists, the feet could have been in the water for years, drifting thousands of kilometers, because the athletic shoes protect them so well. The durable athletic shoes will keep the feet from decomposing while the rest of the leg may be worn away by the elements or nibbled away by marine life.

It’s just one more reason to buy good athletic shoes. If your feet do happen to naturally separate from your body and find their way into the Pacific Ocean, at least they won’t get eaten by marine animals.


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