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ESPN Documentary Highlights Renee Richards

Renee Richards
In 1960, Richard H. Raskin played in the U.S. Open men’s singles.

In 1977, Renée Richard played in the U.S. Open women’s singles.

They are the same person.

Thirty-five years ago, Richards won a major legal battle to play as a woman in the U.S. Open.

ESPN recently showed a documentary called “Renée”—about Renée Richards and the impact she’s had. Renée was truly a pioneer. People are still shocked by transsexuals today; imagine how difficult it would have been to fight that battle in public in the late seventies.

While she was definitely a pioneer, the saddest part is wondering what would have happened if Renée faced the same battles today. You would think that we would have made bigger strides by now. It’s unfortunate that we haven’t.

Have you seen Renée? What do you think?

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