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This past weekend was the Baltimore marathon.

Thirty year old, Stephen Muange from Las Cruces, New Mexico took first place for the men with a time of 2:15:16. While thirty-four year old, Olena Shurkhno, from New York, New York, came in first for the women, with an event record breaking time of 2:29:11.
Here are all of the results:
This was Kenyan Muage’s first marathon. It was Olena Shurkhno’s second time winning the Baltimore Marathon.

Approximately 25,000 runners participated this year, the largest turnout to date, about 14% more than last year. They ran through the zoo, past Under Armour and through the city. It’s estimated that the Baltimore marathon pumped $30 million into the economy. That might sound like a lot for a race, but consider that last year’s event had a $28 million impact—with less people. Forty percent of the runners were from out of town, that’s hotels, restaurants and, possibly, shopping or museums that benefit.

Did you run the Baltimore marathon? Did you watch it? How did this year’s marathon compare to others?


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