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Six Reasons I love my Soleus Sport’s Watch

Last year, I started a weight loss program. My goal is to lose 40 pounds—and I’m almost there. My favorite tool, and the thing that helps me the most, is my Soleus sport watch. I love it for six different reasons.
Reason #1: GPS sports watch. I hate using the same roads for walking and running day after day. One of the things that I enjoy most about exercising is exploring new paths. I never know what awaits me at the end of them. My GPS sports watch got me home more than once.
Reason #2: Distance tracking. The second reason that I love my Soleus sport watch is that it keeps track of my distance for me. I am following the Couch to 5k running program. When the program started calling for me to travel a certain distance, my sports watch made it easy. I basically had a pedometer right on my wrist. The pedometer made it easy for me to know how far I had traveled, without having to use the same path each day.
Reason #3: Pace and speed tracking. The third reason that I love my sports watch is that it keeps track of my pace and speed. The program I follow requires me to move at a certain speed for a given distance. My Soleus watch makes these calculations for me. I can just glance at my watch and know if I need to move faster, or if I can slack off just a little. It keeps track of both my current pace and my average pace. This gives me the extra encouragement that I need, not only can I see the pounds melt off on the scale, but I can also see my pace improving.
Reason #4: Calorie calculation. In all honesty, I cannot say I always love this fact, the watch automatically calculates my calories burned. My goal was to lose 40 pounds. I knew that calories out had to be more than my calories in. With the watch, there was no cheating. I knew exactly how many calories I had burned.
Reason #5: Correct time. The fifth reason I love my sport’s watch is that it always tells me the correct time. It’s a great watch. And, it’s pretty enough that I wear it everywhere I go. It keeps me counting down the minutes towards exercise time.
Reason #6: Historical Speed.  The sixth reason that I love my watch is that when I began training on a track it kept track of how fast I moved during my last 100 laps. This offers great encouragement as I can see myself continually getting better. I love knowing that even when I feel like things are not improving, they actually are getting better each day, especially as the pounds keep melting off.

4 responses to “Six Reasons I love my Soleus Sport’s Watch

  1. Karen ⋅

    Which Soleus watch do you have? I’m looking for a watch for running din kasi and i want one that can measure the distance

  2. I have the Soleus GPS 1.0 Sport Watch. It measures distance and all. here is a link to the product if you want to check it out…
    Soleus GPS 1.0 Sport Watch

  3. Here are a few more styles and women’s versions…
    Soleus Sport Watches

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