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Holiday Gift Ideas: One More Mile

When it comes to finding the best athletic clothes, One More Mile is the brand for me.

At One More Mile, I can find the fitness fashion I am looking for at prices that save my budget. There’s no reason to spend more to look good and feel good while I am working out.

I am a casual runner, out to stay in shape as I make my rounds in the neighborhood. I enjoy the selection of slogan t-shirts at One More Mile. I’m also proud to wear their “Will Run for Our Troops” shirts when out on my daily run. (In fact, I have them in mind as a gift for a soldier’s wife.)

My best friend takes it to another level with triathlon shirts for the next big event. She’ll be the picture of style while she beats the pants off the rest of the competition and she won’t have to spend a fortune for a logo. For her, it’s all about getting the job done.

My kids love the penguin gear because of an online game they play. Believe me, there will be penguin t-shirts and hats under the Christmas tree this year.

My husband runs with me, but he has to push it, always running longer and harder. I’ll give him a “The Older I Get, the Faster I Was” shirt to make him sweat some more, because while he may run harder, I still look better.

For smaller gifts, including stocking stuffers, running accessories fit the bill. A nip guard and Body Glide Anti-Glide Chafing Balm will make the next run easier.

Not So Tights running pants are great as it starts to get colder while a running skirt is perfect for when the weather is fine—it has shorts as a liner underneath, and will give me more comfort.

I’m breaking out the head gear this holiday season too with beanies for the kids, a marathon cap for my best friend because she’s taking on another challenge and has to be motivated, and I’ll grab some headbands for me. My sister has decided to take up running too but she’s pregnant so I’ll find a pregnant runner shirt for her. If we get it together and someday run as a group, custom shirts will make us push harder. After all, misery loves company!



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