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The Best Court Shoes Make a Big Difference in Squash or Racquetball Games

When it comes to racquetball, as soon as I show up to play on any blacktop, field or court I always bring my “A” game. I get in the zone and show up to sweat. I size up my competition and psych myself up to bring the heat. I concentrate to the best of my ability, bringing my skills to the forefront of my mind, so I can better focus and use my advantages to win. However, while showing up with the right mindset and determination can help in any competitive situation, the right choice of sports gear also plays a factor in helping me reach my peak performance level. Knowing that I’ve got on a pair of my lucky tube socks can boost my confidence, just as playing a game of one-on-one in jeans can really weigh me down. In this sense, having the right footwear gives me that extra edge on the court, especially when I’ve got on a great pair of racquetball shoes.

In the tight confines of a squash or racquetball court, it means a lot to have on a great pair of squash shoes. For me, I feel at my best in a set of Prince Cobras or Wilson Torque shoes. Both of these shoes offer a mid-level of support and feel almost weightless. Every pivot, turn, and quick burst of energy feels natural in a pair of these squash shoes. After all, squash is a game that relies on fierce reaction times, constant agility, and the ability to stop on a dime then accelerate from zero to sixty in the blink of an eye. Not only that, with sweat flying around the court, it helps to have a good pair of shoes that will give you the stability and grip you need to play hard and strong to keep that rally going.
I really enjoy a game of doubles when entering the racquetball arena. This means that I spend the majority of my match avoiding narrow collisions with my teammate and our opponents. I can’t tell you how many times my Prince Cobras have saved me from a face plant and a couple missing teeth. Yes indeed, I owe a lot to my training, and even more to my racquetball shoes.

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