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Brief History of Technifibre Squash Rackets

Health is important to all of us. It’s especially important if you’re involved in sports like I am. I try to make sure I’m doing everything I can to stay in the best shape possible. That, of course, includes eating my veggies and getting plenty of fiber in my diet.

However, I won’t be writing about veggies today, even though I am writing about squash. And I won’t be focusing on the fiber important to a balanced diet, either. Today I’m going to be talking about a different sort of fiber, and if there’s one thing that goes with squash better than zucchini, it’s Technifibre! All you squash players out there already know what I’m talking about.

Since the company that makes Technifibre squash strings and rackets was founded, it has sponsored countless squash players. It is known for making Technifibre rackets that players depend on. In honor of its contributions to the sport, I’d like to offer a brief history of Technifibre. That’s going to require that we start back in the last millennium. Don’t worry, that only means going back a few decades. It may not be actual time travel, but it will involve some “string theory.” Our journey begins back in the eighties.

In 1980, a year after the company Major Sports was founded by Thierry Maissant, a chemical engineer helped the startup company develop a new concept in stringing technology for rackets. It was called the Technifibre string. By 1982, a player with a number four ATP ranking was using Technifibre strings on the court. Major Sports provided their stringing services at the French Open in 1988 and have done so every year since. Eleven years later, in 1999, Technifibre strings were voted number one in a string survey by the United States Racket Stringers Association. By 2005, another Thierry makes Technifibre squash history. This time it’s the Technifibre sponsored Thierry Lincou, who does it by maintaining the PSA number one spot all year.

Hopefully, we can credit Technifibre with helping to get squash included in the Olympic Games sometime soon. If you’re not using Technifibre on the court, whether for squash or tennis, see what you’ve been missing! Also, don’t forget to include enough fiber and plenty of vegetables in your diet. I personally recommend squash.


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