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Top 5 Fitness Trends in 2011

Bye-Bye Pyramid

The USDA changed the pyramid to a plate. I’m happy to see fruits and vegetables getting the portions they deserve; however, people are already complaining. And, if you watch The Good Wife, you will know that the cheese stands alone (and doesn’t like it).


It’s So Easy a Caveman…

While the gluten free diet began to lose steam, we saw another interesting diet pop up. This time it’s the Paleo Diet. Yes, that’s Paleo as in Paleolithic, or the way people ate 10,000 years ago, otherwise known as the caveman diet: meat, fish, veggies, fish and nuts. That means no processed foods (they didn’t exist way back then). It’s eating the way we were born to eat… of course if we took that literally we’d be charring our meat over a pit in the backyard. My advice? Don’t go down the path of all the things caveman didn’t have… refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, lighters… it will drive you crazy.


Barefoot and Running

Lady Gaga’s Born this Way could have been 2011’s theme song. Not only did we start eating that way we were born to, we also began running the way we were born to run. That means barefoot, without the support or biomechanical help of shoes. This brings us to the trend of running barefoot or (for those of us who live in cities or simply don’t trust what’s on the ground) minimal shoes, including the weirdest looking shoes of all, the Vibrams. In 2011 sales of minimalist shoes rose about 200 percent. Most surprisingly? No one seemed freaked out by wearing gloves on their feet.


Finally, an Infomercial for a Product that Works

The trend is officially called Crossfit and it involves plyometrics, weight lifting, cardio, yoga and more. Basically you do some of everything. It’s not easy but the effects are undeniable. And the winner in the Crossfit category is P90X. Yes, those late night commercials that motivate few and inspire guilt in many.


Rhythm of the Gym

Zumba is a dance workout whose popularity has skyrocketed. We’re guessing that if it doesn’t feel like exercise more people are willing to try it. Whatever the reason, dancing it off has hit the big time and Zumba is here to stay.


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