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Stormtech Jackets: All the Rage

We’ve been lucky so far this winter: It’s been, for the most part, relatively mild. However, we did have a 17 degree day and on that day I was so happy that I had my Stormtech jacket on. Stormtech jackets are all the rage in sports today–for good reason. They offer many different types of jackets and each one serves a purpose. Now, to be fair, some Stormtech’s may be more expensive than other brands of sport jackets, but they are so well designed and last so long that they are honestly worth the cost. Here are some types of sports jackets that can serve your needs.

Stormtech Waterproof Jackets

The most popular style of Stormtech jacket is the waterproof jacket. In my opinion, it should be called the weatherproof jacket. These jackets use something called the Stormtech H2Xtreme. The jackets have a microporous membrane bonded to the interior panel of the outshell fabric, it sounds really fancy but it basically works like the pores of your skin, rain can’t penetrate but sweat can escape. The Stormtech website claims that, “The H2Xtreme collection ensures waterproof protection of at least 5000 mm. This means that if all of the rain drops hitting your jacket could stack on top of each other—they would have to stack up at least 5 meters before the water could exert enough pressure to get you wet.” Pretty impressive, right?

Stormtech Micro Shells
The light and micro shells are popular for rainy and windy days. They keep inclement weather out while allowing you to breathe. You can wear them over anything without worrying about getting too hot. They offer the best windbreakers in the market.

Stormtech Thermal Shell
This shell will keep the water and wind out and the polar fleece lining keeps you amazingly warm. It’s everything you need in one jacket.

Go ahead and buy some cozy warmth or protection from the elements and look good. On the next cold, windy day, you’ll be happy that you did.


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