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The Ultimate Running Machine: Asics Kayano 18

The Asics Kayano running shoes series looks to build on the legendary image of its performance running shoe with its 18th edition to be released late January 2012. Asics running shoes have continuously been a favorite for high performance athletes over the past 17 years. This edition builds on the lightweight but comfortable feel with an external heel clutching system and a stretch mesh BioMorphic Fit.

Gel-Kayano fans always cite the luxury car like aspects of performance and comfort in the Asics shoe. The new dynamic DuoMax arch will allow the same Kayano stability but will weigh an ounce less. Another amazing feature of this shoe is the soft top DuoMax, which enhances comfort using gender densities. Men on average have a larger mass coming down on the midsole of the shoe than women, therefore Asics running shoes adjusted the angles of the midsole region based between male and female.

Asics running shoes has operated under the slogan “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body” since 1977 producing high performance shoes for a variety of sports such as wrestling and volleyball. The research institute of sports science in Kobe has 200 researchers dedicated to analyzing the movement of the human body and how it can apply to footwear. The Gel-Kayano series reflects this advanced research as it has been able to adapt with the modern technology without sacrificing its signature comfort.

This 18th edition shoe has managed to adapt with modern times as it keeps the foot close to the ground, a new trend in running. People want less shoe material in between their foot and the road, the Asics Kayano-18 offers a drop in the heel to toe distance off the road but with an advanced shock system to make the most of the small space. Another great improvement was the usage of the heel clutching system on the outside of the shoe. This offers much more comfort than internal heel stabilizers as it decreases friction and contact with the heel.

The Asics Kayano-18 continues to live up to its large following of running enthusiasts as the luxury car of high performance athletic shoes. Asics Kayano running shoes match comfort with performance placing this shoe a few steps above the competitors. They are available online at around 150 dollars. Just as BMW says they have the ultimate driving machine, Asics is offering the ultimate running machine.


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