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Running with Asics Noosa

The Asics GEL-Noosa is a great shoe for many individuals and athletes. Its bright colors and unique appearance make you stand out wherever you are running. Asics running shoes are manufactured mostly in China and Japan. While some foreign-built shoes may suffer from quality control issues, the Asics GEL-Noosa rivals may American and European brands.

It’s incredible how far running shoe manufacturers have advanced over the past decade. Over the last few years, incredible advances in technology have allowed for the production of top-rated running shoes. While adidas and Nike still reign supreme in the world of shoes, real runners prefer Asics.

Noosa running shoes come with a proprietary gel matrix designed to provide comfort and stamina. This gel matrix incorporates a unique memory gel material that provides lasting endurance and strength. A recent study showed that runners wearing Noosa running shoes were able to complete a marathon 32% faster than the competition.

It has taken Asics over a decade of foot research to bring the Noosa to market. In order to understand the human foot, Asics took x-ray images of 500,000 feet over the course of 10 years. Using this information, they were able to design a shoe that could work well for a variety of health conditions.

The mechanics of running are extremely complicated. Every step a human takes requires the coordinated effort of 432 different muscles. The average athlete will use over 853 muscles when running in a marathon. Asics has been able to track the motion of each of these muscles in the human body using specialized magnetic resonance imaging machines. These machines allow Asics to take a close look at the mechanics of walking and running.

There are other benefits to Asics running shoes too: they have been able to incorporate an ageless sense of stylishness into modern shoe design. While lots of running shoes may have a generic appearance and lackluster design, Asics has created a unique vision in the world. And the Asics GEL-Noosa is the brightest of those visions.


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  1. People want less shoe material in between their foot and the road, the asics 2160 offers a drop in the heel to toe distance off the road but with an advanced shock system to make the most of the small space, it will get at your rate.

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