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My Karhu Sunning Shoes

Have you ever bought something that completely changed your whole life? Nah, me neither, but my new Karhu running shoes come close! Here’s a little story about my running efforts and how a lucky find changed everything for me for the better.

Rewind three years ago, I was running outside to get the mail because it was pretty cold outside and I hate being cold for any longer than I have to be. Well, the high school track coach just happened to be driving past, and when he saw me, he started slowing down. I thought, “Great, now he’ll want to talk to me for an hour out here in the blistering cold.” No, that’s just how I wished it would’ve happened. Instead, he said it was remarkable of me to be out running in this weather and how he could use someone like me on his team this coming track season. I was so cold I could barely think straight so I nodded and ran back inside. Little did I know that encounter would lead to him pestering me all year to join the team.

Around this time I started gaining a little weight and decided that joining the track team could be just what I needed in order to boost some weight loss for summertime. So, I joined and hated my decision immediately. I was slow, I was always last to finish. The ground hurt my feet. Socks would rub against my legs and hurt. Everything hurt.

Then, one day a fellow runner on the team looked at my shoes and told me I really should upgrade to a professional running shoe. I asked her what kind she used and she said, “Karhu, they’re the best.” So I thought about it and it did make sense, the better the shoe, the better my running would be. So I went out the next weekend to the store and found a Karhu retailer that had some killer deals. Luckily they had my size in stock, so I ordered them.

The very next day I could feel a huge difference in the way my feet felt when they hit the ground. I felt invincible, like I could run up Mount Everest if I wanted. The next track meet I placed second overall and when asked what made the difference, I told everyone about my new Karhu running shoes. It didn’t take long before all the other runners on the team had them as well.

In my opinion, not only are they the best running shoes out there, they’re also the best looking. They come in a wide enough variety of colors that there is something for everyone. And, with bright colors being so fashionable this spring, you’ll find your Karhu shoes bright and colorful yet not too over the top!

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