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Timex Marathon Watches

Timex is one of the most well-known brands of athletic watches in the world. More like a gadget than a watch, Timex products are ideal for any sports enthusiast or serious athlete who needs additional features to assist in training for almost any sport.

Comfortable and stylish, these watches are more than just a piece of equipment. While particularly useful for runners, features such as the heart rate monitor are useful for any sport. Timex GPS watches are very water resistant so do not need to be removed when showering and are useful for swimmers or triathletes. They are well-made and durable including long-lasting batteries and a strong strap. With care, the watches can last for numerous years.

While many of the watches have multiple features, they are renowned for being easy to use due to the effective user interface. The most important information is displayed on the main screen, eliminating the need to scroll through pages often. Compared to their competitors, Timex watches are very good value for money.

The different models vary considerably, ranging from sleek to more bulky. The individual is provided with the characteristics needed for a particular sport or for multiple sports as most of the watches are very customizable.

The watches have the most innovative elements available for sports training. The Timex GPS shows distance and speed data to great accuracy, featuring latitude, longitude and altitude. The user can also save routes to the watch and store endpoints for future reference. The included compass and line-track map in a Timex GPS are particularly useful for trail runners who need help with navigation.

For those running in or training for a marathon, the Timex Marathon watch covers everything needed. The lap timer included in the Timex Marathon watch can be used to keep an accurate record of times during training. During and after the race, it checks and records split times to help the user set a pace.

Users have the option to upload the data collected by their watch to Training Peaks online. Basic data storage and review is free while extra features cost an additional $19.95 per month, or a discount when opting for the multi-month plan. However, this does require a device agent that users have reported difficulties with when using a Mac.


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