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Running marathons and finding the best marathon shoes

People have been running marathons for more than 2,500 years. The first known marathon, and probably many thereafter, came during wartime and was ultimately an act of communication, run by a single runner. Today we run marathons mostly for fun. Sure, some of us run competitively in the more than 500 hundred marathons that are contested annually all over the world. For most of us who run just to keep in shape, running in and completing a marathon is the ultimate athletic achievement.
For those early marathoners, the best marathon shoes may have actually been no shoes at all. It’s hard to imagine running that far in bare feet – it seems more like torture than exercise. Thankfully today we have many options available to us in marathon running shoes. With all the choices in the marketplace, it certainly should be possible to find a pair that fits you perfectly and makes your morning run a pleasure rather than a chore.
I have found that I prefer to have different running shoes for different distances. My favorite marathon running shoes are those with a cushioned heel with mesh uppers. I find this combination provides the best protection for my heels and keeps my feet from overheating while allowing me to run comfortably over any kind of terrain. I think everyone has their own opinion in what makes the best marathon shoes, but I think everyone who runs would agree that in order to achieve your running goals, whether modest or ambitious, you need to have a pair of sturdy, comfortable running shoes.
One of the great pleasures I get from running is that feeling of happy exhaustion that comes near the end of the run and the satisfaction I get from pushing myself just a little bit farther than I think I can go. Some people refer to it as the runner’s high. I don’t know what it’s called, but I know it’s one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. I also know from experience that it is almost impossible to achieve if your feet hurt. As I started running extended distances, I had some very painful experiences as a result of having the wrong running shoes. Finding the best marathon shoes for me allows me to run longer and more comfortably and to experience that combination of exhaustion and satisfaction that only long distance running provides.


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