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Tennis for kids



I remember when I was very young, and I was very focused on 10 and under tennis. It was my only hobby and after-school sport after I got out of elementary school class. USTA junior tennis was also something I was involved in. I remember purchasing kids tennis racquets with my mom. There is something so fun about starting tennis for the first time. You see a lot of kids that you knew at school the day before, and it is easy to start up a tennis match with them when you get to practice. There are always reliable instructors on hand to help make those match-ups that are so fun to play.

10 and under tennis is really the best time to start, because it is a great time to get a handle on the basics and learn the ropes. You can really get a feel for what it’s like to be a tennis player when you’re younger and learning how to do the basic moves. You won’t be so overwhelmed with all the stress of playing right when you’re so young, and it will be easier to really enjoy the sport and get the hang of it. USTA junior tennis is where it gets a little tougher. You have to continually purchase kids tennis racquets throughout your life as you’re growing up and you have to be purchasing racquets on a regular basis. You need to have the racquets at all time, so that you’ll always be playing your best. If you don’t have the right racquets, you can’t ever play at your best.

I remember way back when I was a little child, and I had to go to the store and purchase new racquets. We also had to purchase shoes, shorts, and shirts. We were very cool about the whole thing, because my mom was a professional tennis player. She was a very good player, and she taught me all I needed to know when I played tennis as a youth. It was so fun to really get to know the sport through someone I knew versus just having to get all the information from the instructor every time. That was pretty tedious to have to do it that way. I had a lot more fun when I was a youth and was learning the sport versus when I was a bit older and had to play in professional practice. It was just so much harder to do it back then.


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