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This Group of People Cannot Be Members in the Masters Golf Club

The green-jacketed Augusta Golf Club needs to wake up and greet the 21st century. The club is 80 years old and so is their sexist and restrictive membership policy. Hopefully this year, their out-of-date, hateful policy will lose them a huge amount of funding.

The Augusta Golf Club, home of the elite Masters Tournament and green jackets, does not allow women to be members. According to Reuters, “IBM, the world’s largest technology services company, is a long-standing sponsor of the Masters and its past four CEO’s have been granted membership to Augusta National.” Augusta is in for a big decision because IBM’s newest CEO is Ginni Rometty, a woman.

Will the club grant her membership? Or will they spurn a major sponsor? I hope that if Augusta slights Rometty that she sticks up for women everywhere and pulls IBM’s sponsorship. I hope other companies follow suit and leave Augusta with nothing.

Augusta didn’t invite their first black member until 1990 and IBM was a big part of that change. Let IBM do the same thing for women, especially now that we seem to be under attack on all sorts of issues.

I understand that it’s a private club. That’s fine; they can be a private club with archaic practices but let’s take the Masters away from them. Any place that practices in discrimination doesn’t deserve the money and prestige that come with hosting such a major tournament.

In 2010 the International Olympic Committee looked at a 2002 controversy when re-examining whether golf meets Olympic criteria of a “sport practiced without discrimination with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.” I guess they think it’s okay because golf will return in the 2016 Summer Olympics.


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