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Listen to your body and live life to the fullest!

Exercise- we hate it we love it! Secretly, we want to exercise, but lack motivation. Here are some good reasons to motivate us into an active lifestyle.

1. Exercise improves mood and stamina.

Stress takes over our day. We feel cornered, finding ourselves in an angry mood. We need to blow steam in order to relax. Good news! Exercise does that automatically. When we take a fast walk, or play outside in the fresh air, the brain releases our endorphins. Endorphins are, literally,happy chemicals. Our body knows what we need and therefore, produces these happy chemicals to motivate us to be happier people, improving our self-esteem.

2. We sleep better.

Yes, stress causes lack of sleep. Exercise regulates and improves our sleep. There have been studies about this, and the results are clear. All of them show how important sleep is to our body. Activity actually help our body stay asleep. Studies show that we need to move, at least twenty to thirty minutes four times a week to see results! Since moving around increases energy, work out in the morning or afternoons, not evenings. A good night sleep is excellent for better health it gives the body the time to rejuvenate the cells.

3. Create stronger muscles and bones.

Regular exercise keeps our bones strong, bones, and muscles love a challenge. When we move, our bones thicken to help our body do heavy physical activity. This actually maintains good health, strength, and youthfulness. Exercising just a little, as few as three times a week, retains our flexibility, and prevention of serious diseases like osteoporosis. Exercise prevents us from being frail at our old age. As for myself, I want to be able get older gracefully avoiding the need of a walker! Strong bones lead to strong muscles. Strong muscles lead to better circulation. Better circulation lead to healthier body! How about it? Will you make the commitment?

4. Develop a strong immune system.

One reason to keep on moving is our internal ability to fight disease. As we exercise, our body takes in more air, improves its circulation, and therefore is able to fight disease. Our very immunity becomes stronger. We are able to fight heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and strokes. Our life is at stake here! Remember, a little work out goes a long way. Listen to your body and move around.  Go on…we all know exercise helps preventing disease. Our body is ready to fight for us.  All we have to do is move a little.

5. Exercise burns fat plain and simple.

Not moving has taken over. We live in the computer age, TV, movies, and staying indoors. We order take out food, or cook fast frozen food. That’s the way we gain weight. Moving around is good. Exercise burns fat, and allows you to eat more without gaining fat back. When muscles get big they love to eat fat, because fat ultimately is extra stored energy just waiting to be consumed, besides, exercise gives us a great body.

6. Improve mental ability, yes the brain!

Walking a half hour three times a week has proven to bring better memory, the ability to concentrate on difficult tasks, and improves our reaction time. Studies have shown that diseases such as Alzheimer and mental deterioration in general, improve a lot. Moving energetically stimulates the middle of our brain, improving memory and attention span.

Exercise does not have to be hard. You just have to set aside time every day to be active. Go for a walk, or play ball with the kids. As long as we move, we will be ok. Your very life is on the line!

Jamie Wright is a stay at home mom who tries to include her twin daughters, Annie and Alexia, in her daily fitness routine. She knows that taking care of her young children is important, and that includes insurance. For a great rate, she checked out


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