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Keeping Your Kids Safe on the Diamond

The crack of the baseball bat and the thrill of competition are what most players enjoy about being on the baseball diamond. The enjoyment of America’s favorite pastime can quickly be interrupted by a serious injury though. It is commonly known that the catcher is covered from head to toe in protective gear, but it is important for players in other positions to be protected as well. Players of all ages, genders, and levels need proper safety equipment to reduce risk of injury. This is most important for children and teens. There are four essential pieces of equipment that can be used while playing baseball and softball. Batting helmets, face masks, mouth pieces, and compression shorts are all commonly used to protect players against various forms of injuries.


Many injuries to a baseball and softball player occur to the head. Batting helmets are essential to reduce injuries and concussions during batting and running bases.  It is important to make sure the helmet is fitted properly and secure. Helmets are now manufactured even more reliable with the ability to take blows from a fast ball or a foul tip from a baseball bat. Most leagues make batting helmets mandatory, because of the significant injuries that were acquired in years past. Today, it isn’t unusual to even see coaches wearing some type of protective cap while on the playing field.


A baseball or softball face mask is also essential to protect against head or face injury to a player while fielding or catching the ball. These masks also help protect players who have suffered earlier injuries. They are now offering baseball and softball face masks with visors to shield the glare of the sun. The visor helps reduce the risk of injury as well. Most visors are removable, so a player can choose what is most comfortable to them.


Mouth pieces are used throughout other sports and are becoming more popular on the baseball and softball field. Injury to the mouth or jaw can be very painful and difficult to heal. Mouth pieces that cover braces also reduce the risk of injury to other players. Mouth pieces can be custom made by your child’s dentist. You can also purchase one to be boiled and fitted or purchase a stock piece based on size.


Sliding shorts and compression shorts are protective gear commonly used while playing baseball and softball. They help reduce friction injuries from sliding and diving, but compression shorts also help keep muscles warm and loose. This reduces the number of strains. Many shorts are also sold with additional padding, just adding another layer of protection.


As a parent, you want to make sure your child enjoys the game while playing safely. You can expect that there will be accidents including minor bumps and bruises, but having the proper safety equipment can reduce the risk of serious injury. has for years been a leader in industry of softball and baseball equipment. Jeremy Thorne has been involved in helping this industry grow exponentially and enjoys what has been able to happen with the growth and expansion of the company.


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