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Maximum Hydration with Fuel Belt

Every athlete knows that hydration is crucial to performance on the field. It doesn’t matter whether you play soccer, football, run, or bike because the need is exactly the same. Those who participate in endurance sports are especially prone to dehydration since their bodies are continually losing water at very high rates. Triathletes and long distance runners, for example, must have drinkable fluids readily accessible to them at all times if they are to perform to the best of their abilities. This is where Fuel Belt comes in.

The Fuel Belt brand is one of the most innovative in the world of sports hydration products. This company has created innovative and useful products that are used by professional athletes all over the world, including Megali Tisseyre, Heather Jackson, and Craig Alexander. Fuel Belt is known for its flagship line of belts that have readily-accessible containers designed to carry fluids for any occasion. This is an ingenious product that can greatly benefit the general public as well as top-tier athletes, if you ask me.

Everything started for the Fuel Belt brand with their Classic Collection which includes the iconic Wachusett Belt, Endurance 4-Bottle Belt, Trail Runner Belt, and 10K 2-Bottle Belt. The Wachusett Belt was the original Fuel Belt, named after one of the famous mountains of New England. This runner’s Fuel Belt is conveniently made in a black one-size-fits-all design so you won’t have to spend time trying to figure out which one works for you. The belt includes two 10oz bottles on both sides to give you an ample amount of fluid for any common activity. I think the Wachusett will make a great option for most people, with hardcore athletes being the exception. The Endurance 4-Bottle Belt is a much better choice for long distance runners and other duration athletes. With four 7oz bottles at your fingertips, you should have the fuel to accomplish any task. This version is popular with the pros, and I can see why. For individuals who require storage space in addition to fluid storage, the Trail Runner Belt will serve nicely. There are a total of four pockets on this runner’s fuel belt–two zippered and two Velcro. The placement of the bottles and pockets is more toward the front with this version so it may become front-heavy when fully-loaded. I think that two bottles should’ve been placed toward the rear for better balance. Finally, Fuel Belt hydration can be had for people who train for shorter durations. The 10K 2-Bottle Belt holds two 7oz containers for just enough juice to keep you going for a practice session or two. Like the Wachusett and 4-Bottle, this belt features a large front pocket.

Overall, Fuel Belt designs are very functional and aesthetically-pleasing. While I believe that the capacity of some belts may be a bit low, having something to drink at all times is definitely better than nothing. Surprisingly, these runners Fuel Belts all come in a black color only. Although there should be much more variation in styling and color to appeal to a more diverse market, nothing beats the convenience of Fuel Belt hydration.


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