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MMA Workouts Keep Your Body in Tip-Top Shape

Participating in a variety of exercises is the only way to keep your body constantly looking for new ways to work your muscles. If the only exercise you do is run, swim or bike then your body gets used to building those muscles and will reach a plateau. There are very few sports that combine a variety of different exercises that will keep your body from reaching a plateau. Mixed martial arts (MMA) is one of those sports. Fighters need the endurance of a soccer play, the practical strength of a gymnast, the flexibility of a yogi, the agility of a point guard and a boxer’s fancy footwork.

MMA fighters do quite a bit of body building, but it’s not just to achieve the ultimate beach- body. Every hit, strike or kick comes from core strength. MMA fighters need to work out different types of large muscle groups in order to be explosive and powerful while fighting. Unnecessary muscle mass can hold a fighter back from reaching their speed potential. So although MMA fighters in some weight classes might look bulky, be assured all of their muscle is purposeful and fighters work hard to achieve the perfect balance that works for their body to reach maximum potential.

MMA fighters have a background in many different types of martial arts. Some of the art forms they use while fighting include thai kickboxing, krav maga, tae kwon do and jiu-jitsu. Some exercises that MMA fighters perform to achieve maximum explosiveness are push presses, dead-lifts, cleans, snatches and squats. They also do circuit, sprint and interval training to integrate aerobic and anaerobic training in their regime. These types of trainings are important to build up muscle fatigue and outlast opponents in the ring.

For experienced MMA fighters, MMA gear like shorts, rash guards and gloves are essential items for a fighter to perform to their potential. FightersMarket supplies MMA gear online for training and fighting purposes.

Even if you aren’t going to be a world-class MMA fighter there are many elements of a fighter’s workout that you can incorporate into your regime. Even if you’re not a fighter at heart, focusing on core strength, endurance and mental toughness can bring your workouts to the next level. is an industry leader in all things MMA fight ing gear, including BJJ and GI wear. Jeremy Thorne has been involved with the industry for years and understand what it takes to heop fighters achieve their maximum potential.

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