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Tennis Practice without a Partner

Tennis is a fun sport that demands much practice to excel; although there is not necessarily a best way to practice tennis, there are specific tennis drills that will help a beginning tennis player become better at their game. When I was playing tennis, I used to perform tennis drills such as practicing my swing by hitting balls over the net into an empty opposing court where I would aim at empty tennis ball cans. Once I had hit all of my tennis balls into the opposing court, I would then practice my running footwork while going to retrieve the balls from the other side. Alongside practicing footwork, I would also practice bouncing balls off of my racket continually to help improve my hand-eye coordination and handling of the tennis racket when hitting the ball.

Performing a hitting and running exercise is a key in learning a best way to practice tennis. Other than learning the proper way to swing the tennis racket, choosing the right size racket is equally important. I chose tennis rackets that had a larger net as well as lightweight material to begin with. Using a tennis racket with a larger net allows the player a larger hit area on their racket as well as a flexible control to exert a lot of power into a swing. Once a player starts becoming more confident in their playing abilities, they may choose intermediate or advanced tennis rackets that offer varying benefits such as being extremely lightweight and powerful.

Alongside practicing footwork on the tennis court and using the proper size racket is also utilizing the benefits of a tennis ball pitching machine. A tennis ball machine gives a tennis player great exercise because the machine repeatedly fires tennis balls that forces someone to be on their toes and to be quick to react. I myself benefited from using a tennis ball pitching machine because it helped allow me to have a quicker reaction time to tennis balls coming onto my side of the court. Alongside helping me to have a quicker reaction, using a tennis ball machine also allowed me to be more agile on the court when hurrying to hit the tennis ball back over the net.

When trying to become better at tennis, like anything, practice makes perfect. This could never be a more true statement than when a tennis player finds themselves becoming more agile and gaining a quicker reaction time due to practicing their swing and footwork on the court. If a player keeps practicing, they will surely see improvements in their abilities on the tennis court.


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