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Grand Slam 2012

For many years now, I have watched major tennis Grand Slam events like the US Open with careful consideration. While I was growing up I had played tennis in high school, and hoped to someday make it a career option. While there are so few major professional tennis stars, unlike other professional sports, I realized early on that this was not going to be an easy thing to do.

I got a scholarship to play tennis at the collegiate level, and spent two seasons playing for the Mountaineers of West Virginia University. However, an off season knee injury in preparation for the athletic demands of the coming year would keep me from competing the rest of my time in Morgantown. At times, I could close my eyes and see myself up there competing at tennis Grand Slam events with the greats I grew up watching and idolizing like Agassi, Sampras and Federer.

So when I had to put these aspirations of mine on the shelf, the only comfort that I could really find was in watching the professional events throughout the year. The Grand Slam tennis competitions were a good example, offering a chance to experience severely competitive play throughout the year on four specific stages. Of course, my favorite was the US Open.

While I have yet to be able to afford to go to any Grand Slam tennis event in person, I have not missed the US Open coverage in several years now. While the other slams of the year have come and gone, my other favorite Wimbledon being one of them, this is the final major tennis event to look forward to in 2012.

I remember last year watching all of the tennis Grand Slam winners like Novak Djokovic take the Men’s singles title. He was only one of a few tennis Grand Slam winners last year as Sam Stosur took home the title for the singles competition for the women. I am actually delighted to see which players have what it takes to beat out the competition this time around.

I would have to say that the person with the best chance of walking away the winner this year in New York is Roger Federer. For some time his primary competition for the title was last year’s victor Djokovic. With his recent defeat of Djokovic in the Cincinnati Masters tournament, sources are all but guaranteeing Federer is able to take the title when they both head to New York. I myself, and many others following tennis closely, feel that the singles competition will narrow down to these two men again.

In fact, Roy Burton of has been quoted as saying “With Rafael Nadal on the shelf indefinitely due to tendinitis in his left knee, a Federer-Djokovic U.S. Open final almost seems like a foregone conclusion. And if that happens, expect Federer to emerge with his 18th career Grand Slam title.”


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