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Garmin Fenix Review: GPS Outdoor Watch

The Garmin Fenix is defined for being the very best GPS watch available for outdoorsmen, mountaineers, and people in which love the outdoors lifestyle.

Garmin has raised the actual levels with regard to outdoor adventure lovers with the release involving its brand new Garmin Fenix GPS navigator as well as Altimeter, Barometer, Compass watch (ABC wristwatch). The unit forms for the achievements involving Garmin’s physical fitness as well as outdoors classes, as well as is designed to satisfy the specifications on the serious adventurer.

The Fenix is built with a strong exterior to withstand whatever comes its way: it has a mineral glass lens resistant to scratches. The Fenix has a large LCD display along with LED backlight as well as sturdy polyurethane wrist bands. It is Waterproof up to 50 meters and a battery life up to 50 hours in GPS method and 6 weeks in watch mode.

The Fenix provides you with Garmin’s sturdy GPS navigation, to help you hike through the outdoors with the confidence you will find your location without difficulty. The Fenix not only records information where you’ve been, its TrackBack feature records a log as you move.  If you are traveling with a group of friends the Fenix has wireless capability to keep in touch with others on your trail by sharing routes, tracks and way points.

Being aware of your current environment is necessary any time you are exploring the outside. Using the actual built-in altimeter will help provide accurate height data to help you to keep an eye on your current ascent as well as decent.

The Fenix built-in heat sensor and barometer will allow you keep track of changes in weather to help you avoid dangerous storms which will help you determine your current apparel as well as shelter. The Fenix is also ideal for those who love physical fitness activities. The unit is compatible along with Garmin’s heart rate monitor, which gives accurate heart rate info to improve your fitness needs.

If you’ve read any Garmin Fenix reviews you will know that reviewers have said even though it’s quite chunky it is not as heavy as it appears. For serious adventurers that lack of heaviness is a good thing. Everyone loves being able to program the routes from a P.C. to the Fenix. With its Trackback record feature it is a great help just in case you mess up your settings and need to backtrack. You can also get more battery power when set in low battery mode about 60 hours compared to a normal 16 hours.

The Garmin Fenix best price is currently at a retail price of $449. However, we’ve seen the Garmin Fenix available for $399—as of now that’s the best price online.


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