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Starting a Sporting Program in Your School

sportingSports are an excellent outlet for young people to highlight their talents and give them an activity that is productive and educational. Additionally, participating in sports can increase self-confidence, provide opportunities to create life-long friendships and stay physically active and fit. If your school is lacking a sporting program there are steps you can take to get one started. Of course each school may differ slightly; there are some basic steps to follow to get a sporting program up and running in your school.

Step 1: Create a plan. This can include things such as:

  • How you plan to fund the program
  • The teacher sponsors that are involved
  • What sports you plan to incorporate
  • Student interest

Step 2: Ensure you have at least two or three sponsors from the school in question that will provide guidance, coaching or support for the sports you choose to have. The fact is you will not be able to do everything in the beginning. Pick a few sports that receive the most interest and go from there.

Step 3: Pitch your idea to the person or committee who is responsible for approving or rejecting the program. This may be the principal, school board or other committee. Keep in mind, you may have to start at the bottom and work your way up to the deciding individuals. Ensure you have your plan specific to show exactly how the program will be established and managed, which will help ensure approval.

Step 4: Once the sporting program is approved you can begin purchasing supplies and having fundraisers. Some of the supplies you will need to acquire include:

  • Sporting equipment: This will be dependent on the sports you plan to incorporate in the new sports program.
  • Sports clothing: This may include items such as padding, custom jerseys, helmets and shoes.
  • Practice areas: You need designated areas for students who wish to participate to practice and have games.

Step 5: Find the right coaches and individuals to run the program. A great program will be successful if you can find the right people to work for it. Hiring a good coaching and referee staff will make a difference in the program’s success.

Implementing a sporting program at you school is a great way to get involved and make a difference. These programs can give students an outlet to participate in something they love and learn the benefits that come with playing on a team. There is no limit to the number of sports that can be included in your sporting program. In the beginning this number will likely be limited by the funds you have available. It is a good idea to get parents involved in fundraisers in order to continue adding new sports to your program and being able to reach out to even more students. The key to successfully creating a sporting program at your school is taking the proper steps and ensuring that every need of the program is adequately addressed.

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