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Karakal for a Perfect Shot!


In terms of technique and make, sports gear has evolved a lot since the early days and keeping in mind the requirements of the modern day sports persons, Karakal has come up with possibly the best equipment of all times. Inspired by the animal by the same name, Karakal looks to incorporate features like firm design, smooth look and light make facilitating the agility of the player. With state of the art rackets and other sports equipment, Karakal’s ethos stands for quality and value for money. The brand specializes in sports equipment and aims to keep evolving through the needs of the games.
The best squash rackets need to have wider heads for better hit possibilities, must have enough weight to be able to hit the ball well but must be light enough to enable faster movement of the player, must have stiff strings to enable accuracy and must have a firm grip. Karakal squash racquets have all the above mentioned features and are the right choices for both, the newbie of the game as well as the most accustomed players! In an attempt to not distinguish between their buyers, Karakal squash racquets are priced reasonably.
Coming to squash shoes, there are a few features that a player looks for. They must not mar the surface of the court and must be light-weighted. One of the most important features to be checked for is the fitting of the shoes. A slight problem in the fit and it will lead to slipping on the court during the quick movements that squash requires. Karakal keeps in mind all the dynamics of the game and develops squash shoes with fit as good as custom made and as light as feather. The highlight feature of Karakal squash shoes is their tread, which is varied and provides the customers with a lot of options to choose from. Different players prefer different styles of treads to avoid slipping and to allow pivoting movements on court. Therefore Karakal squash shoes are every sport person’s dream buy and have a market in more than 40 different countries across the globe.
If you are looking to buy the best squash rackets or the best shoes to suit your game of squash, Karakal is the brand you need to search about! With a wide range of products and prices to choose from, this is a firebrand that aims to reach the stars and much more!!


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