Guest Post: Marketing or Fitness, Actually There’s No Difference


Every fitness program should comprise of these three components: building strength, endurance and elasticity, and that equally applies to business. In this story I’m talking about my preferred strategies to minimize the work, yet increase results.


I am a kettle bell lifter myself, and my training program consists of simple exercises: I do the basic three lifts that make me stronger and more enduring at the same time, and support that with dynamic warm up for elasticity and jogging to cool down, which also strengthens my respiratory organs. This system saves me not only time but also energy, which is important, because I also need to maximize the recovery.


I have a similar approach to the business workouts: I’m choosing the ones that contain the greatest effect on all three fields, with the least investment of time or money, and aim to holding those in balance. I also bare in mind all content re purposing opportunities: for example write-ups can be converted to videos, podcasts and email campaigns, coaching calls to articles, blog posts and newsletters, and so forth. So, if you have a business or you’re planning to establish one, I strongly recommend you incorporate the following “workouts” to your marketing plan as well.




The potency of your business generates from customer acquisition and the sales you make. To enjoy them, you organize and join conference calls and online seminars, from which you drive traffic to your highly converting website sales pages, or forms your prospects use to inquire for complimentary consultations. Your email marketing campaigning supports the sales processes.


Without a doubt, one of the most effective power exercises would be joint ventures, because they can drive you extensive traffic with an acceptable amount of effort from you.




Endurance builds through reputation, confidence and acknowledgment of your brand, which require consistency and a long term plan. As a solopreneur, YOU are the brand you’re building, and your job is to clarify and summarize it to your leads. Your objective is to present yourself as an expert and as the natural, or even the only choice for them to invest in your providings. Therefore you must have an unique perspective, style or technique, and you must state it clearly in your promotion and conversations.


The tactics you use to then spread the word and establish your credibility would be social media campaigning, joining events either as a speaker or a participant, producing content that easily goes viral, such as reports, info-graphics and videos, and of course paid advertising. Joint ventures also fall to this category.




Elasticity originates from partnerships. If you have a highly responsive email list and strong, trustworthy partnerships, your possibilities are countless. As you probably acknowledge, this links to both of the other 2 areas, and is really the bedrock of a profitable online business. Not only you prefer to possess this trait for your business, you also want to BE flexible and be a member of mastermind groups and other communities, through which these partnerships originate and develop.


In conclusion, I would suggest you to start with a plan to create a solid track record for yourself, and your brand by showcasing yourself as an expert. With that status you can then develop lucrative connections with other online entrepreneurs to grow your buyer list and sell your products, to develop all the power you need for your business.


If you need more practical advise to build your own online business, request to download my free eBook ”Gold Medal Online Marketing – The Winning Method” from my website (released in September)


Eveliina Koivula is an online marketing expert and Kettlebell Sport World Champion, coaching Winners.  

Tips for Campers


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Camping is a great way to spend some time away from the pressures and noises of the modern world, but it’s also the sort of holiday that requires a lot more preparation than it would if you were staying in a hotel. You have to pack enough to last you whilst making sure you don’t pack too much, and for the more casual camper it can seem like there’s a lot of information to take on. Really, there are just a few important titbits of information that you need to take away in order to have a great time, so let’s take a look at some of them here.


Sleeping Bags
Challenger 350 Sleeper
When you go camping, a sleeping bag is a necessity, but sleeping bags aren’t always guaranteed to keep you warm through the night. Sleeping bags tend to be made with different seasons in mind, so if you don’t pick the right one you could be in for either for a very cold, uncomfortable night indeed. When looking for a sleeping bag, ask around for advice and recommendations to make sure you don’t get saddled with a dud. A sleeping bag needs to be able to keep you insulated and warm to ensure a good night’s sleep in the great outdoors, so always assume the worst with the weather and make sure that your sleeping bag is good for a lower temperature than you’re expecting.

foodTake the right food

Trekmates Expedition Breakfast

This varies slightly depending on what sort of camping trip you’re taking, but it remains that you need to take the right kinds of food and drink with you. If you’re travelling in an RV then you will have a lot more options available to you, whereas if you’re camping in a tent you need to be a lot more practical. Take foods that are able to withstand the elements and make sure that you only take what you need. Before you leave, plan out your meals carefully and only take the relevant ingredients with you. Long-lasting dry foods are always a good choice too and can make for good snack foods, such as dried fruit and crackers. When it comes to drink, you must make sure that you have clean water at all times; if you’re taking water from the lake then it needs to be purified.

bootAppropriate Clothing

Regatta Men’s Formation Mid X-Lt Walking Boots

jacketGelert Ladies St Kitts Jacket

It may sound obvious, but it’s amazing how many people go camping without the right clothing and footwear. It’s easy to forget how unforgiving the outdoors can be, and people don’t always consider that they need to stay warm and dry at all times. Make sure you’re prepared with a good set of diverse, practical clothes; including waterproofs, layers such as jumpers and jackets, and sturdy footwear. The right footwear is crucial to staying comfortable and keeping yourself safe while camping, especially if you plan to do a lot of walking around. A good, sturdy pair of walking boots, which you can easily get from somewhere like Yeomans Outdoors, will help you get across difficult terrain such as muddy landscapes and rocky ground.

Four Things To Watch For After An Injury

Four Things To Watch For After An Injury

When accidents occur, you may not immediately realize you have been injured. The shock of the accident itself may make it difficult to determine if damage to the body has occurred. Anyone who has been in an accident should be monitored closely for signs that damage has occurred that may not be immediately evident.



Bleeding from a wound is generally seen immediately. However, bleeding can occur inside the brain without an external wound. Bleeding from a wound should receive immediate medical attention. Call for an ambulance and apply direct pressure to the wound. Avoid applying a tourniquet unless absolutely necessary, as this can damage tissue. Bleeding often requires stitches and may indicate further damage within the body. Surgery may be needed to repair damage of the internal organs. Broken bones may protrude through the skin causing bleeding and visible pieces of the bone. These injuries require not only repair and setting of the injured bone, but also care of the open wound.


Symptoms of Head Injury

A head injury is a situation that requires special care. Sometimes, there is no indication

If an injured person shows signs of confusion, disorientation, headache, nausea, vomiting, difficulty walking or mood changes, you should seek medical attention immediately. It could be a sign of traumatic brain injury or brain swelling inside the skull. A head injury can cause a concussion and severe injury to the brain. The person may feel headache, bleeding from the eyes or nose, unconsciousness and coma. A head injury that causes unconsciousness can be a medical emergency. Get medical help immediately.



After an accident, pain anywhere in the body is a concern. Pain can be an indicator of fractured bones, muscle tears, nerve damage or other problems. Of course, some pain can be the simple sprains and strains. Minor injuries often respond quickly to simple home treatment and may not require medical care. However, if you are in an accident and have pain, seek medical attention to ensure that no bones have been broken. X-rays and MRIs are common tests to determine if damage has occurred to bones or soft tissues within the body.



Swelling of a body part is an indication that the body is producing fluids in response to an injury. A joint may visibly swell after an injury. The protective fluids may even cause stiffness and pain in the joint. Swelling can also indicate bleeding under the skin. In this case, the skin is usually discolored, as in the common “black-and-blue” of a bruise, or it may be yellowish or purple. Applying ice packs to the area can reduce swelling. However, extensive swelling or bruising should be seen by a physician to ensure that no internal injury has occurred.


Any accident can be serious. If you have been in an accident, getting immediate medical care can be critical. Some injuries can be severe and can lead to long-term disability. For a personal injury attorney Stockton CA residents can call our office to discuss their options.

Running Shoes: Reebok Smoothflex & Reebok Realflex

One of the shoes that I have found to be innovative has been Reebok Smoothflex shoes . These shoes are great because they give me the ability to run at an efficient rate without having to worry about getting blisters and rashes. One of the worst things runners face when they are out is getting blisters. The Reebok Smoothflex shoes circumvent this problem because they have a relaxed fit that optimizes the way my foot moves while running. They have a novel design that allows the foot to get the best placement while running or jogging.

Another shoe that has benefited me while running has been Reebok Realflex. These shoes also have a very comfortable design, and they also have a unique layout on the bottom. These Reebok Realflex shoes maximize the position of the foot, and allow runners to run without strains on their feet. These shoes have specialized rubber grips that create a unique grip while running on many different types of terrains. This allows me the ability to run faster and at an efficient rate.

Cross trainers have also been great for me when I am running long distances or just running at the gym. Cross trainers have a unique fit, and they are also very stylish. This is great because I can get the center of attention from people when I am at the gym. More often time than not, people come up to me and ask me where I got the shoes. I tell them that they can simply search online. Usually online stores have the best deals, which can then be compared side by side in order to find the best deal. These shoes are great because they come in many different sizes and colors. They have cross trainers for boys, girls, men, and woman. They come in a variety of colors, which is great for those who want to find a unique style.

In my opinion, the Reebok Smoothflex reviews are right, these shoes cut down my risk of annoyances or injury. They can help runners get the most when they are running for competitions or just for their own leisure. The shoes are easy to put on, and they help the posture of the runner as well. This can then allow me and other runners the ability to run to their full potential, which could be the difference between winning and losing. All of these shoes are performance enhancers.


Women’s Shoes Made By Women: Ryka

We live in a modern world where people realize that a woman can do anything a man can. However, this does not mean women and men are equal in all things. Many companies design products for men and women that are too similar when both genders have different needs. My running shoes should not be one size or any gender fits all. I use Ryka aerobic shoes because they are created for women. This gives me a personalized shoe that is comfortable and can keep up with me.

If you hunt hard enough, all companies have a mission statement buried somewhere on a website or in company information. I like Ryka because their goal is clear and part of everything they do. Ryka workout shoes were created to help women excel in fitness. This allows us to feel our best emotionally and psychically. Ryka has been making shoes to help transform women for over 25 years.

I support Ryka’s mission because I know it is not all talk. Several big companies try to specifically target women a few times a year with ads they think we will enjoy. However, many people behind marketing, ad campaigns and those in charge are men. They think they know what women want, but they have no real experience and cannot fully understand our needs. Ryka aerobic shoes are designed by women. Their products fit my feet better and deliver better performance because women created the shoes with themselves and other women in mind. These shoes are not just more colorful versions of men’s running shoes.

I am petite girl who has big feet for someone my size. However, my feet are still slender, and I walk differently than a man. I need a shoe that was developed for someone like me. I never knew why regular shoes for the gym did not suit me. Once I felt how great Ryka shoes were, I found information about how the shoes were designed. Women’s bodies are built differently than men, and we shift most of our weight to the outside of our feet. Most running shoes do not correct for this problem, and this can lead to injury or instability during workouts. Ryka workout shoes are built for women’s feet and stances. Plus, the shoes fit my heel better than other pairs of running shoes. The heel is narrower and feels contoured to my foot, and I feel more secure and grounded in the shoes. This helps me run better because my feet stay protected and in charge.

I want my shoes for the gym to be designed by women who have the experience and knowledge to create the best fit and comfort for me. This is why I choose Ryka.


The Unique adidas Adipure Shoe

Going barefoot is one of the distinct joys of wearing shoes. There is no better moment than when that stuffy or uncomfortable footwear finally comes off and your feet get to be free. I love going barefoot whenever possible but need shoes for the rest of the time. Wearing shoes at the office is one thing but I should have more flexibility after hours. This is why minimal or neutral running shoes were created. I could never fully adjust to regular shoes and these styles provide a safe, comfortable ride for my feet.

The adidas Adipure running shoes gives you the distinct impression of running barefoot through the lawn on the hot summer day. They contour to feet and allow anyone to move independently. They are great training shoes for runners who need a more natural feel when in motion. Each toe is separated and I feel like I have more control. I may have a lot of possessions in my home but I could almost agree to a less cluttered lifestyle if it were anything like wearing minimal running shoes.

From the side these neutral running shoes look deceptively thin and sleek, but they provide everything your feet need without extra padding. The design lets you harness your body’s natural power and range of motion while running. The Adidas Adipure is made with stretching textile to blend to a foot and uses tooled midsole-outsole construction. These features ensure you can wear the shoe during a long run and that they provide a proper feel.

My favorite thing about minimal running shoes is not that it feels like I am barefoot but the protection the shoe provides. I love the feeling but am grateful for the tough anatomically rounded outsole that lets me cruise over pavement, track, rocks and more. I would not want to do that with barefeet, but it is easy in these training shoes. They also provide extra traction for any ground condition. They give me the extra boost to go farther and improve my running times.

I have found that these shoes are great for feet in any condition. They are gentle on sore feet and I can wear them for a whole day without discomfort. They support any feet whether one normally needs special shoes or not because they fit to and mimic the wearer’s foot. I exercise a few times a week and they are durable enough to always make the trek with me.

Whether I am going for a stroll or training for a marathon, I always wear my trusted Adidas Adipure shoes. They may be minimal running shoes but they provide a maximum amount of strength and comfort.

The eagerly awaited Babolat Pure Drive 2012

The Babolat tennis racquet family is eagerly awaiting its newest member, the Babolat Pure Drive 2012. This new babolat racquet is slated to hit the market early this year with preorders already on the rise. This heavily awaited Babolat racquet has already made a few sneak appearances in professional practice sessions and welded in competition by pros. Receiving nothing but accolades, the anticipation continues to rise. Some rumors state the Babolat Pure Drive Racket 2012 will be in complete circulation by mid-march. Other sources indicate it will be much sooner. I myself have opted to wait patiently for its arrival, forgoing any eagerness to hastily purchase a lesser model tennis racket. Babolat has never let me down and I’m sure 2012 with be no exception.

Babolat Pure Drive rackets are known for their legendary control without sacrificing power. They are designed to give competitive players the edge they need when stepping up their game. This tennis racket is composed of Graphite Tungsten and sports an incredibly lightweight feel. Graphite Tungsten, also known as GT Technology, braids carbon with tungsten creating a truly durable and powerful hybrid frame. This type of frame is known to draw more power from any player from beginner to advanced. Combined with the new vibration elimination technology, this racket will increase feel and ball control immensely. The flashy new look is a welcome addition as well, and won’t take away from court side flair. It is as menacing in sight as it is in performance.

Babolat was founded in 1875 when the company’s creator began developing and producing strings for tennis racquets. The company gradually began adding new products and innovations to the market place for more than a century. In 1994 the first Babolat tennis racquet entered the market. And now in 2012 Babolat tennis rackets have become renowned worldwide, hardly even needing an introduction. Tennis combatants on every continent are choosing the sublime mix between power and control. Tennis pros including Li Na, Andy Roddick, and Kim Clijsters have taken home their fair share of trophies and championships with Babolat Pure Drive rackets. I can only hope to achieve the same aspirations for myself.


Does anyone remember their first pair of athletic shoes? Probably not, but you probably do remember your first pair of really good athletic shoes. The ones that you wore until the sole was falling off and your big toe had punched through the top.

Anyone that is a runner remembers that pair of Asics, the ones that fit like a great pair of jeans, which were wrapped with duct tape around the ball of the shoe covering a hole in the bottom. That same pair of shoes that saw you through your first 5k race, the one where you barely finished, just got you through a 10K where you finished in the front of the pack.

Asics has been a reputable name in the athletic shoe game in the U.S. since 1977, when Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka a Japanese businessman, transformed his basketball shoe company, into the athletic shoe dynasty we know today. The name ASICS is based on a Latin phrase “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano”. This translated means “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body” which was Onisuka’s belief that the best way to a healthy and happy lifestyle is to promote total health and fitness.

Today, the company still strives to bring harmony to the body and soul. This philosophy is evident in their products like the Asics Gel DS Trainer. This trainer, so light weight you barely feel them on your feet, has great stability to protect you through whatever training you want to engage. The beauty of this newest trainer is they are suitable for a beginning runner, yet its stability is suitable for a race veteran. One report stated that the Asics Gel running shoe was the most worn shoe of participants in the Ironman Triathlon.

Today ASICS Gel running shoes upper layers are thinner, with more ventilation for your toes, making the shoe ultra-lightweight. This breathing capability means less need for washing, giving the shoe a longer life span. The Asics Gel DS trainer changes more with each new edition, more than any of the Asics Gel running shoes. The company’s website claims that the Asics designers “mess with” this shoe more than anything they make. Why change this shoe more with each version than any other shoe that Asics makes? I would guess that runners demand more “out of their shoes” than other consumer athletes.

On paper, the shoes available today from Asics sound like they make your feet enjoy the workout. I guess the only way to find out is to buy a pair of Asics Gel DS Trainers and take them for a test run.


Holabird Sports is offering Asics Gel DS Trainer running shoes at low closeout prices. Get yours today before they’re gone!

Top Running Stories of 2011

In 2011, we lost some great runners and we became aware of new ones. We saw many changes to the sport of running, both in IAFF rulings and major marathon qualifying times. However, many of the decisions reached in 2011 will start taking place in 2012, so even though the year is over, its impact hasn’t begun to be felt.

Run Rabbit Run

The IAAF decided that women who run with male pacers have an unfair advantage. Therefore, they are banning male pacers. In fact, they tried to strip Paula Radcliffe of her world record but everyone complained and they decided to start the new rule in 2012.

Where Do All the Logos Go?

The U.S.A. Track & Field (USATF) has finally let runners have a better chance of competing with other sports to earn money. Runners may now put more sponsors on themselves, although where they are going to put them is anybody’s guess. Skimpy shorts and sports bras don’t leave much room.

Good-bye Greta

One of the World’s Greatest Runners dies of cancer. In 1978, Norwegian Grete Waitz entered her first New York City Marathon—as a pacemaker. She wasn’t even planning to finish. Not only did she finish, she won, and set a new world record. She won nine NYC Marathon titles, still the most in race history. In 2005, Grete was diagnosed with cancer. She died April 9, 2011 in Oslo, Norway. The running community will greatly miss her.

Boston Marathon Raises Standards or Excludes More People?

The Boston Marathon has become too popular. The good news is that more people are running marathons, the bad news is that finish times are going downhill. Boston has changed their registration process to favor faster runners. Starting in 2012 runners will be accepted by how much they beat their qualifying time, for example, registration will open first for people who beat their time by 20 minutes or more; two days later, ten minutes or more, and so on. If there is any space left after the first week then the rest of the qualifiers get a chance to register. In 2013 every one will have to run five minutes and fifty-nine seconds to qualify.

American Woman on Top

American Jenny Simpson won the gold in the 1500 meters at the World Championships. This is the first time an American woman has won gold in any major global championship since 1984. And in the men’s 1500 an American, Matthew Centrowitz, won the bronze. Suddenly, U.S. runners are in the right place for the London Olympics.
Can a Double Amputee Really Have an Unfair Advantage?
Oscar Pistorius: A double amputee ran the 400 meters in 45.07 seconds. He runs on carbon-fiber prostheses. His time qualified him for the Daegu world championships. People seem divided, do his prostheses give him an unfair advantage? Or is this just a super inspiring story? He reached the individual 400 meter semifinals but the IAAF decided that he could only run the first leg on South Africa’s 4-by-400 meter relay. However, Pistorius is a slow starter and had to sit this one out.

World Record Breaker Dead at 24

This may be the year’s saddest story, Sammy Wanjiru died at age 24. In 2007, Wanjiru set a world half marathon record and won Olympic gold in 2008, where he crushed the Olympic record by running a 2 hours 6 minutes 32 seconds marathon. He fell from a first-story balcony at his house in Nyahururu, Kenya. The exact circumstances of his death remain unknown

2011 Running Shoes Trivia

What type of running shoes did Steve Jobs wear?
The New Balance 992.

Pumagility: Best Workout Shoes

Running has always been my favorite sport. I have always enjoyed running, not only because of my doctor’s advice, but also because it helps to build up my self-confidence. However, I had never really given the deserved value to my puma running shoes, until that fateful day when I was on vacation without my puma workout shoes, and had to run with some other cheap shoes I got from the local market. It was only during that running session that I experience how horrible and uncomfortable running could be in not-so-great shoes.

The shoes seemed comfortable at first, though not as comfortable as my puma workout shoes, but I thought I could do with it. The first 200 meters went on smoothly, but shortly after that I started feeling really uncomfortable. The shoe ached my feet so much so that I could only run for half the distance that I had planned, and in serious pain. I also realized that running was more tiring because the shoes were heavier than my usual puma running shoes. I ended up being so tired for running such a little distance, and, to make matters worse, I developed horrible blisters on my feet.

That experience was an eye opener for me. I realized the value and importance of specially made running shoes such as the Pumagility running shoes. But what is the difference between any ordinary sports shoe and specially customized running shoes such as the Pumagility running shoes? After a thorough research on Puma running shoes and other sports shoes, I could easily notice some differences in the design of running shoes that makes the better for running than other types of sports shoes.

My first observation was that Pumagility running shoes are lighter than other sports shoes, in order to save up energy when running. They are also designed with lightweight foam that is very comfortable, and compresses on impact to expand at the base with flex grooves to improve the flexibility of the shoes. They are also well ventilated, to prevent your feet from smelling as a result of sweat in the course of running. They are not only comfortable and safe for running, but also very stylish, so you could wear them proudly and comfortably even for your evening walks around the neighborhood. Running shoes are suitable for professional marathon runners and even for personal trainings and or workout. Having the right running shoes on when running is very important and could improve on your running experience: Believe me; I know what I am talking about.