Guest Post: Marketing or Fitness, Actually There’s No Difference


Every fitness program should comprise of these three components: building strength, endurance and elasticity, and that equally applies to business. In this story I’m talking about my preferred strategies to minimize the work, yet increase results.


I am a kettle bell lifter myself, and my training program consists of simple exercises: I do the basic three lifts that make me stronger and more enduring at the same time, and support that with dynamic warm up for elasticity and jogging to cool down, which also strengthens my respiratory organs. This system saves me not only time but also energy, which is important, because I also need to maximize the recovery.


I have a similar approach to the business workouts: I’m choosing the ones that contain the greatest effect on all three fields, with the least investment of time or money, and aim to holding those in balance. I also bare in mind all content re purposing opportunities: for example write-ups can be converted to videos, podcasts and email campaigns, coaching calls to articles, blog posts and newsletters, and so forth. So, if you have a business or you’re planning to establish one, I strongly recommend you incorporate the following “workouts” to your marketing plan as well.




The potency of your business generates from customer acquisition and the sales you make. To enjoy them, you organize and join conference calls and online seminars, from which you drive traffic to your highly converting website sales pages, or forms your prospects use to inquire for complimentary consultations. Your email marketing campaigning supports the sales processes.


Without a doubt, one of the most effective power exercises would be joint ventures, because they can drive you extensive traffic with an acceptable amount of effort from you.




Endurance builds through reputation, confidence and acknowledgment of your brand, which require consistency and a long term plan. As a solopreneur, YOU are the brand you’re building, and your job is to clarify and summarize it to your leads. Your objective is to present yourself as an expert and as the natural, or even the only choice for them to invest in your providings. Therefore you must have an unique perspective, style or technique, and you must state it clearly in your promotion and conversations.


The tactics you use to then spread the word and establish your credibility would be social media campaigning, joining events either as a speaker or a participant, producing content that easily goes viral, such as reports, info-graphics and videos, and of course paid advertising. Joint ventures also fall to this category.




Elasticity originates from partnerships. If you have a highly responsive email list and strong, trustworthy partnerships, your possibilities are countless. As you probably acknowledge, this links to both of the other 2 areas, and is really the bedrock of a profitable online business. Not only you prefer to possess this trait for your business, you also want to BE flexible and be a member of mastermind groups and other communities, through which these partnerships originate and develop.


In conclusion, I would suggest you to start with a plan to create a solid track record for yourself, and your brand by showcasing yourself as an expert. With that status you can then develop lucrative connections with other online entrepreneurs to grow your buyer list and sell your products, to develop all the power you need for your business.


If you need more practical advise to build your own online business, request to download my free eBook ”Gold Medal Online Marketing – The Winning Method” from my website (released in September)


Eveliina Koivula is an online marketing expert and Kettlebell Sport World Champion, coaching Winners.  

Exercise for Your Travels


Travel can easily topple healthy habits that you participate in regularly while at home. Changes in routine, busy schedules and other hassles of travel often edge out regular exercise routines and proper nutrition. As a result, frequent travelers tend to have far poorer health overall than those who seldom stay away from home. Fortunately, there are many simple things you can do to minimize the stress of travel and improve your personal fitness while on the road.
Every good trip begins before you leave home. Start by planning for healthy fitness. Research the area to which you plan to travel. Find out if your gym membership can help you gain access to any workout centers where you will be. Learn about local fitness options such as running trails or tracks open to the public. Find out what fitness amenities your hotel has to offer. If you have the option of booking your own accommodations, choose a place that offers amenities that suit your personal preferences. This might include running trails for guests, a swimming pool, in-room fitness or yoga videos, a well-equipped workout facility or fitness classes for guests. On a recent trip to San Francisco I was able to book a great hotel that allowed me to keep my early morning fitness routine going just by checking a travel reviews site. I scoured through this list of San Francisco hotels where I could scroll through and see what hotels offered the amenities I needed.
On your flight, take the time to do some in-flight exercises. Even simple stretching will alleviate cramping and stiffness associated with long journeys. On long flights, perform a quick exercise routine every hour or so. This might include back stretches, side bends, shoulder shrugs, knee lifts and ankle rolls.
When you arrive at your destination, spend a few moments getting oriented to your new surroundings. Locate fitness facilities and other amenities at your hotel. In your room, pause long enough to stretch or do a few yoga moves to become grounded before rushing to meetings or activities.


Throughout your trip, be realistic about your personal fitness goals. You probably won’t ever workout if you wait until you have a full hour to devote to exercise, but you can get an effective workout in shorter periods of time. Take the stairs whenever possible instead of hopping on the elevator. In the morning, rise a few minutes early to take advantage of the hotel’s fitness center or do some yoga in your room. If your days are packed with meetings and activities, slip a little fitness into short breaks. You can get your blood flowing and stretch your muscles by finding a secluded spot to perform a few crunches, pushups and lunges.


The Wahoo Fitness BlueHR Heart Rate Monitor for Weight Loss

When I finally made the decision that this was time that I got serious about losing weight and getting back into shape, I decided I would give running a try. While I certainly did not start out being much of a runner, I did progress with time and have really come to enjoy my workouts. One of the best things I did was to purchase a Wahoo Fitness BlueHR heart rate monitor. This little Wahoo monitor allows me to keep track of my progress and it provides the impetus I needed to keep me on track and moving forward.

One of the major benefits with the Wahoo Fitness monitor is that it allows you to not only keep a check on your heart rate, which is ideal for ensuring that you get the best workout possible, but it also gives you the flexibility of being able to add various features, such as a stride sensor. I love the fact that I can use my Wahoo Fitness BlueHR heart rate monitor with my iPhone 4S. This amazing little feature lets me run wirelessly and the built in Bluetooth technology sends the information from my Wahoo monitor directly to my iPhone. Talk about convenient!

I was surprised to find the many apps that work with this amazing Wahoo Fitness monitor. In fact, I use a number of different apps, but my favorite, so far, is the mapping app called MapMyRun. This is a really handy tool that not only maps my run, but after inputting my height and weight it now keeps track of how many calories I have burned during my workout. There are certainly lots of other great apps that I also like to use with my Wahoo Fitness BlueHR heart rate monitor. For example, the 3, 2, 1 Run app records my GPS coordinates as I run and the iBody app is perfect for tracking my running routes and distance, as well as my blood pressure, weight, body fat, cholesterol and of course, the number of calories I have burned.

Finding a Wahoo monitor that can keep me motivated and losing weight has been the biggest factor in helping me to achieve my weight loss goals. Of course, I still have a ways to go, but this gadget gives me the incentive and motivation I need to keep moving and I have been able to gradually increase the length of my runs as well as the intensity of my workouts.

The 2012 London Olympics

I have a confession to make: I am a total Olympics nerd. When the Olympics are on, I will watch anything that happens on television that has anything to do with the Olympics. You name the sport or the newscaster, if there are five colored rings and that famous “Ba Baa Ba Ba Ba Baa Bammm” theme music playing, I’m watching, fascinated.

Now the London 2012 Olympics are almost here and I could not be more excited. I love the Winter Olympics, of course, but part of me adores the Summer Olympics even more. While this may sound shallow, part of the reason I enjoy the Summer Olympics is my not-so-secret admiration for the athletes. Specifically their beautiful, strong, healthy bodies.

I think you know what I mean. Watch the swimmers this summer at the London Olympics. Look at their lean muscles, firm, clean lines, and the power with which they pull themselves through the water. There is a beauty to the sport and the athletes that is very real and very simple.

Of course, this applies to other sports at the 2012 Olympics as well. Those track and field runners are astounding in their speed and strength. The men and women performing those twists and turns in the gymnastics arena may be small, but they are compact and they are tremendously talented. There is nothing like someone defying gravity through pure athleticism to make me feel proud, jealous, and nearly speechless with admiration.

Another reason why I am looking forward to the London Olympics is the fact that these athletes inspire me. I find it very difficult to be happily lapping a bowl of ice cream into my mouth while I watch these men and women who are the very embodiment of a healthy lifestyle and the best of American sports. Instead, I will watch the 2012 Olympics with rapt attention and then I will lace up my running shoes and head outside for a nice long run.

No one is going to mistake me for an Olympian around my neighborhood, not with my old workout clothes and steady-but-slow running pace, but in my mind, I do have something in common with those Olympic athletes. I enjoy feeling my body work and perform. I enjoy being healthy and strong. And while no one will ever put me on an Olympic team, I can feel a kinship with athletes around the world who enjoy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is, after all, something of an Olympian in all of us.



Game, Set, No Match: Tennis Star Anna Kournikova Leaves The Biggest Loser

After only one season, tennis star Anna Kournikova has already left The Biggest Loser.
She was originally hired by NBC to replace the much-loved Jillian Michaels. Jillian left after 11 seasons to focus on starting a family and doing more charity work.
While Jillian was known for being “TV’s toughest trainer” she wasn’t known as being mean. Apparently, Anna wasn’t very well liked by the contestants or the staff. According to sources, she had a hard time differentiating between training obese people and just training. However, Anna was true to herself, and was lauded for not trying to be a Jillian replica.
What do you think? Did you see Anna on the The Biggest Loser? Are you happy or sad that she’s gone?

Exercise and Stress Relief

Exercise is one of the top stress relievers in the world. It may seem counterintuitive; after all, the physiological response of exercise is almost identical to the physiological response of stress. Yet, exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress. For starters, it helps your brain produce endorphins, those neurotransmitters that make you feel good. It’s endorphins that produce the infamous runner’s high. (By the way, it’s not just running that can produce that high, anything that gets you moving can produce the same euphoric feeling. ) Exercise doesn’t just produce endorphins; it can also increase your self-confidence and lower your anxiety.

In addition, repeated movements can cause a sort of Zen feel. In fact, walking is one of the best kinds of meditation that you can do. Whether you’re walking, playing tennis or even swimming, the repetitive motions, and just concentrating on your body, can help you forget your stresses.

When you become stressed over a thousand biochemical reactions begin to happen to prepare the body for fight or flight; however, if your stress is mental, you don’t need to react by fight or flight and the byproducts of the stress response continue to circulate in the body. These can cause physical issues, especially after long periods of high stress, for example, cortisol can harm your thyroid function, lead to blood sugar imbalances, impair your mental ability, cause higher blood pressure, lower your immune response and cause stomach fat, among other things. Exercise also helps you deal with anger and hostility in a more healthy way.

The healthier you are the more you can fight off disease and the better your immune system will be.

Finally, exercise helps you sleep better, which helps you deal with, well, just about everything.

Severed Feet Last Longer in Athletic Shoes

Since August 2007, Canadian police have been making strange shoreline discoveries. Canada’s Pacific shore has been marred by an abundance of severed feet in athletic shoes. For example, in 2009 a severed foot in a white Nike running shoe, size 8.5, was discovered by two men walking on the beach in a suburb of Vancouver.

One foot has been identified as belonging to a missing man who was known to have been depressed. Two feet belonged to a woman missing since 2004. Many other feet have had their DNA tested, yet no matches have been made.

The police seem to believe that there is no evidence to support foul play. They believe that the limbs disarticulated “through a natural process.” However, it is relatively difficult to believe that these legs and feet could have naturally separated from their respective bodies; especially when some of the identified feet belong to people who were reported missing.

Yesterday, August 31, 2011, another human leg in a running shoe was found in British Columbia. This is the eleventh severed foot to have washed up in the Pacific Northwest since 2007.

So, why are all of these feet washing up in athletic shoes? According to scientists, the feet could have been in the water for years, drifting thousands of kilometers, because the athletic shoes protect them so well. The durable athletic shoes will keep the feet from decomposing while the rest of the leg may be worn away by the elements or nibbled away by marine life.

It’s just one more reason to buy good athletic shoes. If your feet do happen to naturally separate from your body and find their way into the Pacific Ocean, at least they won’t get eaten by marine animals.

Top 10 Female Hollywood Stars with Best Abs

We admit it; this was our favorite list to compile. The hardest part was getting it down to just ten. And, we probably forgot some. So let us know who we left off or who you disagree with. We want to hear who has your favorite abs in Hollywood!

Best Celebrity Abs

1. Gwen Stefani
2. Madonna
3. Jessica Biel
4. Jennifer Aniston
5. Kate Beckinsale
6. Anna Paquin
7. Ali Larter
8. Megan Fox
9. Zoe Saldana
10. Halle Berry
11. Jennifer Lopez

Ladies, are you ready to get your abs in great shape? Check out these ab workouts: Best Ab Workout from Shape magazine and Fitness magazine’s Ab Workouts for Every Level.

Best Abdominal Exercises Ever

It’s the start of our Ab Week! It’s like shark week, except without the sharks and killer underwater shots. It’s Ab Week: the week where we celebrate the greatest abs of our time. We know how hard it is to get amazing abs. And good abs deserve to be recognized.

To start off Ab Week, we’re including our favorite abdominal exercises of all times. These exercises will have you shedding stomach fat and exposing chiseled ab muscles in no time.

The Abs Super Set

This abs workout is designed to target every side of your core—the obliques as well as the interior, exterior, upper and lower abdomen muscles.

One set should be done for each exercise, with no rest between sets. If this is your first time doing ab exercises in a while or at all, start with 8-12 reps for each set and try to do 2-3 super sets 3 times a week. For those of you who are more advanced, aim for 10-15 reps and 3-4 sets 3 times a week. Remember all reps should be done slowly with control.

Exercise #1. Flat crunch – Lie on your back and imagine holding an orange under your chin throughout the entire motion, as you do this standard crunch.
Place your hands behind your head and only lift your back off the floor to a 45 degree angle.
Slowly return to starting position. This entire move is 1 rep.
(Tip: Raise both legs to a 90 degree angle, like you are sitting in a chair to intensify the crunch and slightly raise your legs as you execute the movement)

Exercise #2. Side crunch – While in standard crunch position, cross your right leg and rest the side of your calf on the top of your left knee.
Place your right hand on your stomach.
Lift your shoulder blades off of the floor, leading with your left elbow.
Try to touch your left elbow to your right knee.
Do 8-15 reps then repeat on the opposite side.

Exercise #3. Lying side oblique crunches – Lie on your side with your lower arm perpendicular to your body, and your hand flat on the floor for stability.
Place your other hand behind your head and bend at your waist.
Raise both legs together simultaneously with your upper torso.
This is a relatively small range of motion.
Switch sides and repeat.

Exercise #4. Lying oblique twist – Lie on your back with both legs pointed straight in the air and feet together.
Make sure your feet are flat, as if they are standing on the ceiling.
Lower your feet to your non-dominant side and then the other side.
Finally bring them back to your starting position for 1 rep.
(Tip – bend your knees if this exercise is too difficult at first, after a week you should be able to achieve success with straight legs.)

Remember to flex the muscle you are targeting at the apex of every rep.
These exercises target every angle of the abdomen muscle.
Combined with 20+ minutes of cardio 3 times a week and a nutritious diet, you should be well on your way to a 6 pack in 5-7 weeks.

Tell us how these ab exercises work for you. Better yet, send before and after photos, we’ll post ’em.

The 300 Workout or How to Look Like a Spartan

If this workout doesn’t kill you it will get you as shredded as a Spartan. Or, at least the portrayal of Spartans in the epic film 300, that is to say ripped.
The exercises in the 300 Workout are basic. Some of them were definitely around back in the glory days of Sparta. Although, when you spend your days lifting bales of hay or donkeys and doing manual labor instead of sitting in front of a computer screen, Floor Wipers become a lot less important.
In this workout, you do 5 exercises. That’s it. Five. It’s easy to remember but hard as hell to do.
Pull-Ups 25
Deadlift 50 (reps, non-stop)
Push-Ups 50
Box Jumps* 50 reps
Floor Wipers 50 reps
Kettle Ball Clean Press 25 with each arm
Pull-Ups 25
That’s 300 reps total. Do NOT try to do this right away. Build up to it. Start with 100 total and, when you can, move on.
Men’s Health breaks it down to Beginner, Intermediate and Gerard Butler’s level.
It’s cheap, you can do it almost anywhere, and it will get you ripped.
Watch a video of the workout.
*Box Jump: Jump up onto a 2′ bench or platform.