The 2012 London Olympics

I have a confession to make: I am a total Olympics nerd. When the Olympics are on, I will watch anything that happens on television that has anything to do with the Olympics. You name the sport or the newscaster, if there are five colored rings and that famous “Ba Baa Ba Ba Ba Baa Bammm” theme music playing, I’m watching, fascinated.

Now the London 2012 Olympics are almost here and I could not be more excited. I love the Winter Olympics, of course, but part of me adores the Summer Olympics even more. While this may sound shallow, part of the reason I enjoy the Summer Olympics is my not-so-secret admiration for the athletes. Specifically their beautiful, strong, healthy bodies.

I think you know what I mean. Watch the swimmers this summer at the London Olympics. Look at their lean muscles, firm, clean lines, and the power with which they pull themselves through the water. There is a beauty to the sport and the athletes that is very real and very simple.

Of course, this applies to other sports at the 2012 Olympics as well. Those track and field runners are astounding in their speed and strength. The men and women performing those twists and turns in the gymnastics arena may be small, but they are compact and they are tremendously talented. There is nothing like someone defying gravity through pure athleticism to make me feel proud, jealous, and nearly speechless with admiration.

Another reason why I am looking forward to the London Olympics is the fact that these athletes inspire me. I find it very difficult to be happily lapping a bowl of ice cream into my mouth while I watch these men and women who are the very embodiment of a healthy lifestyle and the best of American sports. Instead, I will watch the 2012 Olympics with rapt attention and then I will lace up my running shoes and head outside for a nice long run.

No one is going to mistake me for an Olympian around my neighborhood, not with my old workout clothes and steady-but-slow running pace, but in my mind, I do have something in common with those Olympic athletes. I enjoy feeling my body work and perform. I enjoy being healthy and strong. And while no one will ever put me on an Olympic team, I can feel a kinship with athletes around the world who enjoy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is, after all, something of an Olympian in all of us.