HEAD Youtek Tennis Racquets Get You in the Swing of Things

Do you want to stay in tip-top shape? If so, tennis is a great all around sport that keeps your heart pumping strong and your body active. People of all ages enjoy tennis. Tennis is more than just swinging a racquet; it takes skill, strength and stamina. So if you want to play, you’ll want to use the best tennis racquets available.

HEAD tennis racquets have been around for quite some time and are a well-known trusted brand used by many tennis players. Deciding what type of HEAD tennis racquet is right for you, depends on the type of game style you play.

HEAD YouTek IG Instinct MP Racquet is currently endorsed by the former No. 1 female professional tennis player, Maria Sharapova. This racquet features 16×19 string pattern with Innegra and d3o™ technology which gives a lower vibration in the strings and gives your swing more stability and control. HEAD YouTek IG Instinct S weighs over 1 ounce lighter and has a slightly larger head and durable frame. It is designed for moderate swings with more power. There is also a basic HEAD YouTek IG Instinct Racquet, priced slightly lower than these specific models and is designed for more aggressive players with fast swing styles.

HEAD YouTek IG Speed tennis racquets come in many different sizes and styles. The HEAD YouTek IG Speed MP 18X20 string is currently endorsed by tennis player Novak Djokovic. The YouTek IG Speed MP 16×19 gives you more pop from your swing. There are even more models such as the MP 300 which is good for baseline play, the Elite is good for all-court players, and the HEAD YouTek IG Speed Lite is a good choice for juniors transitioning to an adult-sized racquet and for players that want more control from the lightweight frame.

To get in the swing of things, decide what tennis racquets are for you and see for yourself how you like to get your swing on. HEAD tennis racquets are well made to last and get you to the top of your game.