Babolat AeroPro


Following years of trying to find free time to take up tennis, I was finally able to and I fell in love with the game right away. However, to seriously fuel my obsession I needed some equipment. A good friend of mine and avid tennis player pointed me to the Babolat AeroPro racquet series, several of which he currently uses. After using his Babolat Pure Drive 107 over the past few months, I’m fully convinced Babolat is the absolute best racquet out there, no questions asked, and once I found out that the new 2013 line was soon to be released I’m determined to be first in line.

The best aspect of the Babolat AeroPro series is that they offer a progressive line of racquets to fully accommodate your skill and experience level, whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned professional. The series begins with the Babolat AeroPro Lite 2013, continues to the more intermediate Babolat AeroPro Team 2013 and finally lands on the guaranteed-to-be-impressive Babolat AeroPro Drive 2013.

The Babolat AeroPro Lite 2013 is perfect for beginners and anyone that wants to work on creating a consistent swing path. It’s aerodynamic frame and the addition of Active Cortex technology, which reduces vibration, makes this racquet lighter and allows a smoother swing to the ball than its predecessor.

The Babolat AeroPro Team 2013 is a racquet that provides the ideal combination of light weight and smoother swing capability for beginners or smaller statured people but also its greater power for more advanced players due to its stiffer beam and Woofer string technology that helps the string move more freely so that they retain their energy longer. There simply isn’t a better racquet for those striving to the top of their game to use.

Finally, the Babolat AeroPro Drive 2013 is the most popular and best made racquet produced by Babolat; a fact echoed by Rafael Nadal’s use of it all over the world. The Drive 2013 is geared toward more advanced players because of its greater weight, stiffer layout and easy power generation. This racquet provides the greatest amount of spin of the series due its vibration free frame; no other racquet creates a better heavy ball off serve.

After using their previous racquets, as well as others from other companies, I definitely have to conclude that there isn’t any set of racquets that can match the Babolat AeroPro’s smooth play action and power as well as spin generation especially since their addition of the Active Cortex and Woofer technologies. They’re simply the best.

The eagerly awaited Babolat Pure Drive 2012

The Babolat tennis racquet family is eagerly awaiting its newest member, the Babolat Pure Drive 2012. This new babolat racquet is slated to hit the market early this year with preorders already on the rise. This heavily awaited Babolat racquet has already made a few sneak appearances in professional practice sessions and welded in competition by pros. Receiving nothing but accolades, the anticipation continues to rise. Some rumors state the Babolat Pure Drive Racket 2012 will be in complete circulation by mid-march. Other sources indicate it will be much sooner. I myself have opted to wait patiently for its arrival, forgoing any eagerness to hastily purchase a lesser model tennis racket. Babolat has never let me down and I’m sure 2012 with be no exception.

Babolat Pure Drive rackets are known for their legendary control without sacrificing power. They are designed to give competitive players the edge they need when stepping up their game. This tennis racket is composed of Graphite Tungsten and sports an incredibly lightweight feel. Graphite Tungsten, also known as GT Technology, braids carbon with tungsten creating a truly durable and powerful hybrid frame. This type of frame is known to draw more power from any player from beginner to advanced. Combined with the new vibration elimination technology, this racket will increase feel and ball control immensely. The flashy new look is a welcome addition as well, and won’t take away from court side flair. It is as menacing in sight as it is in performance.

Babolat was founded in 1875 when the company’s creator began developing and producing strings for tennis racquets. The company gradually began adding new products and innovations to the market place for more than a century. In 1994 the first Babolat tennis racquet entered the market. And now in 2012 Babolat tennis rackets have become renowned worldwide, hardly even needing an introduction. Tennis combatants on every continent are choosing the sublime mix between power and control. Tennis pros including Li Na, Andy Roddick, and Kim Clijsters have taken home their fair share of trophies and championships with Babolat Pure Drive rackets. I can only hope to achieve the same aspirations for myself.

Brief History of Technifibre Squash Rackets

Health is important to all of us. It’s especially important if you’re involved in sports like I am. I try to make sure I’m doing everything I can to stay in the best shape possible. That, of course, includes eating my veggies and getting plenty of fiber in my diet.

However, I won’t be writing about veggies today, even though I am writing about squash. And I won’t be focusing on the fiber important to a balanced diet, either. Today I’m going to be talking about a different sort of fiber, and if there’s one thing that goes with squash better than zucchini, it’s Technifibre! All you squash players out there already know what I’m talking about.

Since the company that makes Technifibre squash strings and rackets was founded, it has sponsored countless squash players. It is known for making Technifibre rackets that players depend on. In honor of its contributions to the sport, I’d like to offer a brief history of Technifibre. That’s going to require that we start back in the last millennium. Don’t worry, that only means going back a few decades. It may not be actual time travel, but it will involve some “string theory.” Our journey begins back in the eighties.

In 1980, a year after the company Major Sports was founded by Thierry Maissant, a chemical engineer helped the startup company develop a new concept in stringing technology for rackets. It was called the Technifibre string. By 1982, a player with a number four ATP ranking was using Technifibre strings on the court. Major Sports provided their stringing services at the French Open in 1988 and have done so every year since. Eleven years later, in 1999, Technifibre strings were voted number one in a string survey by the United States Racket Stringers Association. By 2005, another Thierry makes Technifibre squash history. This time it’s the Technifibre sponsored Thierry Lincou, who does it by maintaining the PSA number one spot all year.

Hopefully, we can credit Technifibre with helping to get squash included in the Olympic Games sometime soon. If you’re not using Technifibre on the court, whether for squash or tennis, see what you’ve been missing! Also, don’t forget to include enough fiber and plenty of vegetables in your diet. I personally recommend squash.


Italy’s #1 Squash Player Suspended After Failing Drug Test

When it comes to playing the great squash game you have to be super competitive. You can’t mess around with drugs, not even recreational drugs.

Now, Stephane Galifi has tested positive for a recreational drug. According to Telegraph Sport, it was one of the substances he was busted for back in 2005. A 2005 article from Squash Talk said he tested positive for cocaine and cannabis. Therefore, I think we can safely assume that Galifi either tested positive for cocaine or cannabis.  Yeah, it didn’t take a genius to figure that one out.

After the 2005 bust he was banned for two years by both the World Squash Association (WSA) and the Professional Squash Association (PSA).

Galifi’s Italian teammates must be crushed. Italy finished sixth at the World Teams. Because of Galifi’s mistake they might be completely disqualified or placed last (#32).

Like many other pros, Stephane Galifi used the Dunlop Aerogel Pro GT squash racquet.

What do you think should happen? Should the entire Italian squash team be punished? Or just Stephane Galifi?

The Right Tennis Racquet Makes All the Difference. I Prefer the Dunlop Biomimetic.

I took tennis lessons when I was a kid. Actually, let me rephrase that, my parent’s signed me up for tennis lessons every year. I didn’t really have any interest, but being that my father was an avid tennis player and ranked as high as number 2 on his high school tennis team (a fact that he was to continually remind me of throughout my formative years as a player) I didn’t have any choice. I not only took free tennis lessons in the park every summer, but being that we lived around the block from a tennis club, I was signed up there in the winter. Every Tuesday and Thursday I was hitting forehands and backhands, just me against the relentless ball machine. However, it didn’t take long for my love of the game to grow.

Tennis racquets have come a long way since the days of wooden and oversized racquets. My dad favored an old school wooden contraption. When I was growing up playing tennis it was all the rage to one of those giant, oversized racquets. They were more equipped for self-defense than optimizing power and accuracy. That’s ok. It was a fad. I found my true racquet when I first picked up a Dunlop Biomimetic 300 tennis racquet. With that racquet, my game improved. Effortless and accurate, the engineering and construction of Dunlop Biomimetic racquets bring tennis to a new level.

What makes these racquets so great? Dunlop Biomimetic racquets are the perfect marriage of nature and technology. Biomimetics is a concept that studies the natural world, and then applies what it sees to the development of sporting technology. They are constructed out of 100% Aerogel enhanced graphite. This makes them lighter than other racquets and easier to control. They are also built with Aeroskin, which reduces aerodynamic drag. The Dunlop Biomimetic 300 tennis racquet is all about power and racquet control. The technology is seamless and beautiful. It is as if the Dunlop Biomimetic 300 tennis racquet was the natural extension of your body.

The right racquet makes all the difference in tennis. How my father could have played with a wooden racquet is beyond me. Then again, those oversized racquets I used to play with were not much better. Technology has changed the game. With a sport as difficult as tennis, it is a good idea to get all the help you can get.

Remaining 2011 Fall Races

If you missed some of this year’s big running events, you still have a chance to make up for it. Here are the remaining fall marathons for 2011:






Run for Your Life
October 22, 2011
Baltimore, MD
This is only a 5k race but it promises to be a lot of fun. According to the website, “It’s a zombie-infested 5k obstacle race.” Enough said.

Marine Corps Marathon
October 30, 2011
Washington, D.C.
This race is well organized and scenic. It’s great for professional and recreational marathon runners.

Spooky Du
October 30, 2011 @ 8:30 a.m.Cape Horn Park, Hampstead, MDThis is a duathlon which lets you run, bike, run through beautiful Maryland as the leaves change. It’s a 2.1 mile run, a 21 mile bike ride, and then another 2.1 mile run.


ING New York City Marathon
November 6, 2011
New York, NY
This is the largest marathon in the country. You run through all five boroughs of New York City while being cheered on by thousands of spectators.

SunTrust Richmond Marathon
November 12, 2011
Richmond, VA
Runners enjoy the small-town feel of this marathon (even though Richmond is actually a city and not a small town).

HEAD Youtek Tennis Racquets Get You in the Swing of Things

Do you want to stay in tip-top shape? If so, tennis is a great all around sport that keeps your heart pumping strong and your body active. People of all ages enjoy tennis. Tennis is more than just swinging a racquet; it takes skill, strength and stamina. So if you want to play, you’ll want to use the best tennis racquets available.

HEAD tennis racquets have been around for quite some time and are a well-known trusted brand used by many tennis players. Deciding what type of HEAD tennis racquet is right for you, depends on the type of game style you play.

HEAD YouTek IG Instinct MP Racquet is currently endorsed by the former No. 1 female professional tennis player, Maria Sharapova. This racquet features 16×19 string pattern with Innegra and d3o™ technology which gives a lower vibration in the strings and gives your swing more stability and control. HEAD YouTek IG Instinct S weighs over 1 ounce lighter and has a slightly larger head and durable frame. It is designed for moderate swings with more power. There is also a basic HEAD YouTek IG Instinct Racquet, priced slightly lower than these specific models and is designed for more aggressive players with fast swing styles.

HEAD YouTek IG Speed tennis racquets come in many different sizes and styles. The HEAD YouTek IG Speed MP 18X20 string is currently endorsed by tennis player Novak Djokovic. The YouTek IG Speed MP 16×19 gives you more pop from your swing. There are even more models such as the MP 300 which is good for baseline play, the Elite is good for all-court players, and the HEAD YouTek IG Speed Lite is a good choice for juniors transitioning to an adult-sized racquet and for players that want more control from the lightweight frame.

To get in the swing of things, decide what tennis racquets are for you and see for yourself how you like to get your swing on. HEAD tennis racquets are well made to last and get you to the top of your game.

Babolat Racquets Have Improved My Game

I have been playing tennis for years. It is an excellent cardio workout if you have the right opponent. Of course, it also helps to have the right tennis racquet. The tennis players in our league use Babolat racquets. I have had experience with the Babolat AeroPro Drive GT tennis racquet and the Babolat Pure Drive GT racquet. Both are excellent.

When choosing tennis racquets, you need to consider your personal style of play. Both of the racquets have the Cortex system that lessens the shock of the ball during play. I cannot feel vibrations in my racquet handle with this added feature.
Coretex System
They both also have the GT technology that uses graphite and tungsten for a more stable feel when playing. I am a baseline player so I feel that I play better with the Babolat AeroPro Drive GT tennis racquet. I need more power and spin from the racquet, as I have not perfected my continental grip yet. I think the name includes Aero because of the aerodynamic science involved in producing it. It gives me the boost that helps me win games.

Of the other Babolat tennis racquets on the market, I have tried the Babolat Pure Drive GT racquet. This racquet seems to help me with my serves and gives me just enough extra control and spin. I also noticed that I hit my volleys better with the help of the lightweight style of this racquet. My friends use these tennis racquets because they are experienced players that have perfected their spin and are more forceful on their own. The Pure Drive GT is a more precise racquet.

I play tennis because it is a lifelong sport and so much fun. A small investment for proper shoes and a great racquet is all I needed to improve. Well, to be honest, hours of practice doesn’t hurt. Other brands of tennis racquets are on the market, but most of my experience has been with Babolat. A good retailer will allow you to test drive some of their racquets. This is the best way to tell what is right for you. Enjoy your matches!