Racquetball racquets

Love the sport of racquetball? Finding a great and easy to use racquetball racquet is one of the most important aspects in playing a quick and great game to the best of your ability. There are hundreds of racquetball racquets available for both professional and every day players. Here are the top choices that are a great option for all:

1. Extelon racquetball racquet:
The Extelon racquetball racquet focuses on maintaining a lightweight design with easy grip and O3 swing speed, making it easy to power away with the racquet. The super wide body frame and its quadraform headshape are perfect for giving you room to hit and aim wherever you’d like.

2. HEAD racquetball racquet:

The HEAD racquetball racquet focuses on powerful technology in order to get the best performance possible. With a teardrop frame shape and a Hydrosorb grip, you’re going to feel comfort while gripping and hitting with the racquet. What makes this racquet special is also its Innegra high performance fiber, which is the lightest high performance material available. You’ll get control, comfort and power with this racquet.

3. Gearbox racquetball racquet:

With the Gearbox racquetball racquet, you’ll get a lightweight performance power with sharp detailing. Graphite is included in this racquet in order to maintain a light weight for great play. Its ultra wide head shape is unlike any other and offers room for maximum play with insane power and room to control. Its String Dimples are another great feature made to avoid any angles or harsh strings from affecting your game.

4. E-Force racquetball racquets:

The E-Force racquetball racquets is constantly updated and maintained to keep you playing well. High Octane Boosters are added to this racquet in order to give you explosive power and center shots that shoot far out in the air. The Quadraform offers extra comfort and incredible grip for a game that is excellent.

Check out these high-rated and top-performance popular racquetball racquets in order to highly improve your game speed, quality and force. You’ll see a major difference in your games and feel comfort while playing your very best no matter where you’re at.

The Best of the Best in Racquetball shoes

There are plenty of options when it comes to racquetball shoes. Three of the best are Asics, HEAD, and Hi-Tec. Though these names are well known in the sport, how much do you actually know about them? Let’s break it down!
Asics racquetball shoes are of highest quality. Asics makes shoes for many different sports, and has been around since 1949. Their broad knowledge of footwear and proper foot support makes them a leader for a sport like racquetball. Asics makes several different racquetball shoe models for both men and women, and in a wide range of sizes and prices. Asics racquetball shoes are best known for such features as being some of the most lightweight available and their Gel Cushioning System for some of the best support and comfort on the market.
HEAD racquetball shoes are also known to be a leader in the industry. HEAD, founded in 1950, has been perfecting racquetball equipment for quite some time. HEAD racquetball shoes have some of the broadest color designs for racquetball shoes, and have focused on really getting as light weight as possible. HEAD is also known for their durability and support, and is one of the favorite brands trusted by professionals!
Hi-Tec racquetball shoes are known for their 4:SYS and Peak Force technology, and recently have combined that went asymmetrical lacing and improved venting features to really try to upstage competitors. Hi-Tec, though the youngest company of these three – founded in 1974, has really pushed innovations forward to make Hi-Tec racquetball shoes able to compete with their well-established counterparts and one of the biggest names in racquetball footwear. They have made up ground swiftly, and offer some of the most diverse racquetball shoes, stylistically speaking, as well.
Overall, Asics racquetball shoes, HEAD racquetball shoes, and Hi-Tec racquetball shoes are all at the top of the industry. All three provide great features, as well as reliability from the rigorous R and D these companies put the products through. Their worth is just as proven, and it doesn’t take long to figure out. A quick look at the professional racquetball scene will tell you that all three of these companies are represented widely throughout!