Runner’s Remedy Cold Compressions Stop the Pain

It happened so fast I wasn’t even sure what had exactly had happened. All I felt was a blinding hot pain in my right calf muscle. I had a history of rolling my ankles and was used to the sprains and swelling that went with it.

This time was different. My ankle had rolled underneath me while I was walking down a flight of stairs and all of my weight had come straight down, pinning my lower leg between the weight of my body and the sharp corner of the step I was on. At the hospital, I was informed that I had torn my Achilles tendon.

I was sent home in a walking boot and a pair of crutches. The doctor had instructed me to keep ice on the area as much as possible to keep swelling down and promote healing. After the first day of trying to keep ice cubes on my leg, I was frustrated. I couldn’t get up and move around much as it was, but then to have to keep ice on it all the time was quickly pushing me over the edge. I am a very active person and I don’t like being tied down to a chair.

I was almost out of patience when I remembered a product I had used in the past, when my muscles were sore and I needed to ice them. I used a Runner s Remedy cold compression. Like the name sounds Runner s Remedy makes compression wraps for runners. They have different types of wraps for different injuries. Lucky for me, among the different styles they had Achilles tendon compression wraps for runners.

Once I started using my new Runner’s Remedy cold compression, I noticed an immediate change in how my leg felt. On top of that, the frustration of having to sit still and hold ice cubes or an ice pack on my leg was no longer an issue, as Runner’s Remedy leg packs go around your leg, kind of like a sock and they provide a pocket that the ice pack slips right into and stays in place. This gave me light support along with the ice therapy that I needed.

I still use my runner’s remedy cold compression wrap when my leg starts getting sore and each time I do, I am grateful that I have it.