Saucony ProGrid: A Definite Winner

If you want a high quality running shoe, I recommend Saucony. I’ve tried Nike, Reebok, and other major brands. I’ll admit, I used to be 100 percent Nike, but then one day I tried on a pair of Saucony running shoes. I had never even heard of Saucony. But the comfort was unbelievable; not to mention the performance, durability and aesthetically pleasing design. I’ve been hooked ever since, for me, Saucony is decidedly unbeatable.

And my personal favorite style of Saucony? The Saucony ProGrid.

The Saucony ProGrid comes in a variety of styles for men, women and children. The newest addition is the Saucony ProGrid Guide 4. The flexibility of this shoe is amazing. The designs, again, are awesome. I’m convinced that everyone can find a color or style they love. The cushiony insole is fantastic. It provides the needed support for running or walking. The shoe itself is very lightweight and great for training for a marathon or just casual jogging for fun.

Other styles include the Saucony ProGrid Guide TR3 and TR4, ProGrid Mirage, ProGrid Peregrine, ProGrid Kinvara, ProGrid Ride 4, ProGrid Razor and ProGrid Outlaw to name just a few. The Saucony ProGrid line is a good option for serious runners looking for a great training shoe and for the non-serious runners that want a good shoe.

I’ve heard some people complain that Saucony ProGrid running shoes are a bit pricey, but they still beat all other running shoes on the market in comfort and durability. I will not buy any other brand for running or walking ever again. This shoe is superior to every other running shoe I have tried, and I have tried plenty. Twenty-six years of running has led me to the Saucony ProGrid Guide running shoe. While I may not stick with that style forever, I know I will stick with Saucony.

Saucony has invested years in researching athletes to produce the best possible shoes to absorb the impact of running and walking. Their shoes offer support like no other brand, even for those people who need extra arch support or more secure heel padding. The wear and tear of running in improperly designed shoes is not worth saving a few dollars for a mediocre pair of shoes. My feet, back and knees are very important to me. That is why Saucony shoes will always be on my feet anytime I go out to run.

Tips & Tricks for Finding Discount Saucony Running Shoes

You want a great pair of running shoes from a well-known and reputable brand. You also don’t want to pay too much. You may not know it, but you want Saucony running shoes.

Yes, running shoes are expensive. And, with another recession looming over us, spending any money can be scary. But, put it in perspective: running is one of the least expensive exercises there is, and it is possible to find good running shoes at good prices.

Sadly, there is often a stigma to buying discount running shoes. They aren’t the newest version. They aren’t the very best. It’s important to realize that shoe manufacturers need to update their shoes and make new versions to get them reviewed. That means that if a running shoe manufacturer wants to get listed in Runner’s World or someplace else, they must come out with a new version for that particular style. It doesn’t mean that there was anything wrong with the previous version. However, most of the time, the shoe manufacturers do make changes; usually, these are changes that their customers requested.

While price is important, it’s also important to find the exact shoes that you need. Therefore, the first thing to figure out is what type of shoe you need. Are you purchasing Saucony running shoes for trails, indoor use, outdoor running, or for flat trail running or street running? After you answer that question, you can find the best style of Saucony shoe for you.

So, when you are looking for the best discount Saucony shoes, you have to know where to shop, so that you can find the pair you are looking for, the type of shoes you are looking for, and the lowest cost for these shoes. It can be difficult to find the price you want and the style you want at any old store. Unfortunately, most discount stores only carry one size or one color or even worse, one style. The best (and most time saving) advice that I can give you is to find a store that offers regular discounts and also specializes in running. Try doing a search for “discount Saucony running shoes” and see what comes up.

I hope that you find that your new Saucony running shoes are the best pair of running shoes you have ever worn. With thicker insoles, rubber springs, and foot conforming features, your new Saucony shoes are going to get you on any trail, and allow you to get the best times no matter where you are running, or who you are running against.