Babolat Racquets Have Improved My Game

I have been playing tennis for years. It is an excellent cardio workout if you have the right opponent. Of course, it also helps to have the right tennis racquet. The tennis players in our league use Babolat racquets. I have had experience with the Babolat AeroPro Drive GT tennis racquet and the Babolat Pure Drive GT racquet. Both are excellent.

When choosing tennis racquets, you need to consider your personal style of play. Both of the racquets have the Cortex system that lessens the shock of the ball during play. I cannot feel vibrations in my racquet handle with this added feature.
Coretex System
They both also have the GT technology that uses graphite and tungsten for a more stable feel when playing. I am a baseline player so I feel that I play better with the Babolat AeroPro Drive GT tennis racquet. I need more power and spin from the racquet, as I have not perfected my continental grip yet. I think the name includes Aero because of the aerodynamic science involved in producing it. It gives me the boost that helps me win games.

Of the other Babolat tennis racquets on the market, I have tried the Babolat Pure Drive GT racquet. This racquet seems to help me with my serves and gives me just enough extra control and spin. I also noticed that I hit my volleys better with the help of the lightweight style of this racquet. My friends use these tennis racquets because they are experienced players that have perfected their spin and are more forceful on their own. The Pure Drive GT is a more precise racquet.

I play tennis because it is a lifelong sport and so much fun. A small investment for proper shoes and a great racquet is all I needed to improve. Well, to be honest, hours of practice doesn’t hurt. Other brands of tennis racquets are on the market, but most of my experience has been with Babolat. A good retailer will allow you to test drive some of their racquets. This is the best way to tell what is right for you. Enjoy your matches!

Best Tennis String for You

When it comes to tennis string, it’s largely a matter of preference. There are hundreds of different kinds of string on the market, each one with its own unique qualities and distinctions. However, choosing the right type of string for your tennis racquet, and your particular playing style, is vital. The wrong kind can make that expensive racquet a big fat dud, no matter how much skill you have.

Before I go into individual brands and my favorite strings, let me tell you a little bit about the different types. Let’s start with natural gut string. Many players love using natural gut string. It has a good feel and good power. Natural gut string maintains a high performance level; however, it becomes vulnerable to moisture as it wears. Polyester string (and also polyester hybrid strings) are extremely durable and offer awesome power. The main drawback is how hard they can be on your arm so if you’re not a strong player (or not yet) you may want to watch out. Polyester string is often used for the mains if you’re stringing a hybrid racquet.

When it comes to synthetic string you can either get it with a solid core or with a multifilament construction. Synthetic string with a solid core is a great choice. It’s cheaper than other strings so if you tend to go through string quickly, consider this option. It offers a tremendous range of power, control and playability. Then, there is synthetic string with multifilament construction, when it comes to the greatest performance for the cost this string is a true champion. This type of synthetic string is meant to replicate natural gut—it’s just cheaper. It has a natural vibration dampening. This can prevent injury and minimize both wrist and arm fatigue.

Now, here are some of my personal favorite tennis strings.
Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power string. It’s a polyester string which is widely used by Pro’s. It’s the official tennis racquet string of the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour. It offers a fantastic combo of power and control.
Gamma Live Wire XP. This is a multifilament synthetic string which offers the playability of a natural gut string. It has a firm feel, is durable and reduces tension loss. Gamma strings use the Gamma Irradiation process. This process increases resiliency and elasticity.
Babolat RPM Blast. Another polyester string. This bestselling Babolat string is used by Rafael Nadal. It’s perfect for big hitters and offers a knockout punch as well as unbeatable spin. It’s a fast string.

Let me stress that tennis string comes down to preference. It’s about the type of player you are and what you need from a string. However, it is important to play with a good string. The string on a tennis racquet is the only thing that comes in contact with the tennis ball. If you’re already serious—or just getting serious—about your tennis game then don’t overlook this vital component.

Getting Dirty! Asics Trail Running shoes

Is there anything better than running through mud and dirt? There is nothing more fun than getting dirty. Seriously. Nothing beats running outdoors down a beautiful trail. But, if you’re running trails then I hope you know that you need to have special shoes—trail running shoes. It’s not just another marketing scam or someone trying to sell you yet another pair of shoes. Trail running shoes have special soles that allow you to run over tree roots, rocks and uneven ground—without hurting your soles or twisting your ankle. Plus, those big lugs on the sole? Those are to make picking the dirt out easier.

If you’re just starting to run trails you’ll quickly find that the more demanding the terrain is, the more demands are made on your shoe (thus, a trail running shoe). I’m going to be totally biased here, I run in Asics and I love them. Asics trail running shoes are actually up to the challenge. Personally, I run in the Asics 2160, which are, in my opinion, the best.

Put simply, these Asics trail running shoes are better for the feet in the trail running environment. The variety of angles you encounter, the obstacles of small rocks and stones, branches, changing earth firmness and a host of other reasons makes the Asics 2160 trail running shoe a safe bet for your feet. No joke, I love my Asics trail running shoe so much that I bought a pair to wear for everyday use; they also work well for stepping over trash and cracked pavement in the city. And they feel great on my feet. Part of the reason is the firm yet forgiving middle padding.
Not to mention the durability of the materials Asics uses. Plus, I like the styling, finding it to be a clean look, and available in a choice of three colors. They offer a pretty cool lime green, however, the black suits my style more, but once you run a few trail miles in the Asics 2160 you won’t be too concerned about color. It is the feel that will keep you hooked.

The Asics 2160 trail running shoe is similar to past versions of the 2100 series, which have developed a loyal following through the many years they have been on the market.

And, hey, it’s not just me—lots of trail runners have found this version to be the best Asics trail running shoes yet. Whether you are overpronated or not you should find the strength of support in this shoe to be helpful. Asics 2160’s have been modified since the last model with Asics’s patented Impact Guidance System. This enables the foot to transition more smoothly from heel to toe. This can make for a much smoother run even for those runners with a pronation.

All in all, the 2160, now known as the GT2160 is a reliable and enjoyable trail running shoe and you may find, that like me, you don’t ever want to take them off.