Running with Soleus Fit Sports Watch


When I run, I do it for exercise, peace, and to push myself. It’s my time to lose myself within myself, for just a few miles. No one needs my help, or asks me for anything; my only focus is what I need from myself. And I need to push myself to get better every time I hit the pavement.

I want to accurately know how far I run, my pace, time, and calories burnt. I want this information with me, so when my lungs are burning and my knees are about to give out and the blister on my toe is pulsating to the rhythm of my stride, I know just how much more I have to push. I don’t want a large, distracting, heavy computer on my wrist. Soleus GPS Fit 1.0 watch seems to be my answer.

I tried out the Soleus GPS sports watch on a few of my recent runs. It’s about the size of normal watch, not too heavy, and honestly comfortable. I was a little unsure about how well it would track everything I wanted considering it is pretty inexpensive compared to other well-known GPS watches. I am no longer unsure. It does exactly what I need, when I need it.

The main features, the ones most important to me and most runners, on the Soleus GPS sports watch functioned exactly how I needed them to and were extremely accurate. The only problem I did have was a slight delay for the GPS to synch. It was overcast each day I took it out so maybe that had something to do with it. This did delay my run by about almost a minute, but it wasn’t a deal breaker. The second day I turned on the GPS while doing my warm up, outside of course, and it was ready to go by the time I was.

The Soleus GPS Sports Watch break down:

1. I ran 6.49 miles my first day according the Soleus GPS Fit 1.0. When I got home Google Maps tracked the distance as 6.45 miles. The next day it said I went 6.67; Google Maps had it at 6.65—excellently accurate for me.
2. It kept track of my average pace, average MPH and was easy to read as needed. It would be nice to have an overall pace, but averages are just fine for my goals.
3. It was easy to use, especially with previous GPS watch experience. Little hint, be sure to save the run before going back indoors. Saving will also automatically reset the distance and time back to zero.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Soleus GPS Fit 1.0 watch. It is a great price, extremely accurate, comfortable, and easy to use.


My New Timex GPS watch

Have you ever made a discovery that was completely the opposite of what your first impression was? I had that experience recently and of all things, it was a gifted Timex GPS watch that turned my paradigm upside down. Here’s a quick story and how much I now love the watch.

I finally decided to break into my watch my brother gave me for Christmas. Yes, I know it was a long time ago. I have been busy and finally found the time to do it. Anyways, the watch is a Timex. Actually to be more specific it is a Timex running watch, complete with GPS system on-board. Well, I remember when I opened it on Christmas Day, I was not impressed. The packaging kind of threw me off, as well as the colors. Also the band was hard to see with all the plastic surrounding it, but once I got it out it was a completely different story.

I love it. I can’t take it off. The Timex GPS is the best part because I can literally measure speed, distance, and pace in real-time. So cool! I had an old Timex running watch a couple of years ago, and this one literally beats it by a mile. My faith in Timex has been restored!

When I wear it out, it’s not really noticeable that it’s a sports watch. Most sport watches are big and bulky, but you can tell this one was designed for the runner on the go. I’m pretty excited because it’s so cool that I am excited about the time I get to use it. I look forward to exercise! How weird is that, right? Well I can tell this is a match made in heaven because my regular watch just broke and I have been meaning to buy another to replace it, but now I will just wear this around instead. It has everything I need, actually a lot more than I need!

All in all, get one! Seriously, I don’t even like watches and this thing is the coolest thing since sliced bread. No joke.

Six Reasons I love my Soleus Sport’s Watch

Last year, I started a weight loss program. My goal is to lose 40 pounds—and I’m almost there. My favorite tool, and the thing that helps me the most, is my Soleus sport watch. I love it for six different reasons.
Reason #1: GPS sports watch. I hate using the same roads for walking and running day after day. One of the things that I enjoy most about exercising is exploring new paths. I never know what awaits me at the end of them. My GPS sports watch got me home more than once.
Reason #2: Distance tracking. The second reason that I love my Soleus sport watch is that it keeps track of my distance for me. I am following the Couch to 5k running program. When the program started calling for me to travel a certain distance, my sports watch made it easy. I basically had a pedometer right on my wrist. The pedometer made it easy for me to know how far I had traveled, without having to use the same path each day.
Reason #3: Pace and speed tracking. The third reason that I love my sports watch is that it keeps track of my pace and speed. The program I follow requires me to move at a certain speed for a given distance. My Soleus watch makes these calculations for me. I can just glance at my watch and know if I need to move faster, or if I can slack off just a little. It keeps track of both my current pace and my average pace. This gives me the extra encouragement that I need, not only can I see the pounds melt off on the scale, but I can also see my pace improving.
Reason #4: Calorie calculation. In all honesty, I cannot say I always love this fact, the watch automatically calculates my calories burned. My goal was to lose 40 pounds. I knew that calories out had to be more than my calories in. With the watch, there was no cheating. I knew exactly how many calories I had burned.
Reason #5: Correct time. The fifth reason I love my sport’s watch is that it always tells me the correct time. It’s a great watch. And, it’s pretty enough that I wear it everywhere I go. It keeps me counting down the minutes towards exercise time.
Reason #6: Historical Speed.  The sixth reason that I love my watch is that when I began training on a track it kept track of how fast I moved during my last 100 laps. This offers great encouragement as I can see myself continually getting better. I love knowing that even when I feel like things are not improving, they actually are getting better each day, especially as the pounds keep melting off.