My First Experience with a Tennis Ball Machine

I remember the first time was introduced to the game of tennis. My mother set up a date for me to take tennis lessons from a tennis instructor that was part of the recreation department in our town. I was only eight years old at the time. Mom took me shopping for my very own tennis racket and outfit. My tennis instructor was a younger woman. My first lesson was a group lesson where the instructor tried to teach six to ten year olds how to control the racket and ball. To do this she began the lesson by having us jump over our racket. Using both feet, we jumped from side to side. We spent an hour doing this exercise repeatedly. Later in the day, she showed us how to hold our racket and how to toss the ball up in the air. This was the conclusion of our first tennis lesson.

On the next weeks lesson the tennis instructor introduced us to the portable tennis ball machines. She gave us a brief history of the ball machine stating that Rene LaCoste first created it in 1920. The first ball machine was made to crank out balls. Lacoste felt that this could help him improve his game. The machine was successful in helping La Coste to improve the game with the help of someone cranking out the balls for him. It was not until 1970 that the first motorize ball machine came on the market. After I looked into the invention, I discovered the interesting fact that the first motorize ball machine actually used a vacuum motor in reverse. This made the pressure to shoot the balls out for Bob McClure the inventor. This improvement on a ball machine invention gave tennis practice the upper hand and gave future companies the ability to create the best tennis ball machines available today.

Today the best tennis ball machines work on batteries or motors that are stronger. I like the portable tennis ball machines because I can practice alone. The ball machine shoots the balls out at a generous speed so that I hit them back over the net. It has been many years since my first tennis lesson and first experience with a ball machine. I would like to say that the portable tennis ball machine has helped improve my performance against a partner. I believe if someone would come out with a machine that helped my swing that I may improve substantially in the game of tennis.