French Open

The French Open 2012 also known as Roland Garros is hosted in Paris, France and will be held May 27th to June 10th this year. Defending his title this year for the Mens tennis tournament is Rafael Nadal from Spain. The Women’s defender, currently ranked 17 is Na Li from China. This exhilarating sport will be live on television keeping us on the edge of our seat to see who will reign supreme this year.

Roland Garros was a famous French aviator in which the tennis tournament is named after. The French Open is a premier clay court and the second of four annual Grand Slam tennis tournaments and the only one using clay. The other Grand Slam tournaments are held on grass includes Wimbledon, US Open and Australian Open.

Big serves on clay is no longer big and become slower. The clay surface changes the balls speed and many high profile players in the past never won a tournament at the French Open. John McEnroe, Venus Williams, Pete Sampras and Lindsay Davenport to name a few, have never won on a clay surface.

The trophies for the French Open 2012 are made of the finest pure silver with detailed etched decorations on the sides. Each winner will get their name etched onto a silver plate attached to the trophy for their distinguished accomplishment being a champion tennis player winning the tennis tournament.

In 2009 it was determined that the French Open was becoming inadequate and too small. French architect Marc Mimram was commissioned to design an addition with a retractable roof and larger seating capacity, but then the plans were renounced to a later date. The expansion of the French Open underwent considerations to relocate the tournament outside of Paris. It was later decided to keep the current location in Paris. Renovations will now take place in 2016 including a retractable room and the venue seating area will expand by sixty percent. This major improvement will include demolishing Court 1 and two new courts will be built.

The prize money for both the men’s and women’s singles tennis tournaments are divided equally. The winner of either tournament will receive the same prize money. The Roland Garros tennis Grand Slam tournament is a highly respected tournament which possesses a different type of strategy on clay which players tend to enjoy. The challenge is diverse and the expectations are high for the players with the potential benefit of winning this prestigious tournament.

2012 Australian Open Update

Serena Williams got her 500th career victory. Her very first victory was in 1997, fifteen years ago. She’s catching up to Venus, her older sister, who has 598 career wins.

Here’s our Down Under Wrap Up so far…

Defending champ Novak Djokovic won another round.

Sharapova is continuing to dominate. And, former world number one, Ana Ivanovic of Serbia, is advancing as well.

Andy Roddick had to retire due to a hamstring tendon injury. He was supposed to play mixed double with Serena Williams, his hamstring injury means that is no longer an option. The two were planning on playing together to prepare for this summer’s London Olympics.

As we enter the third round, today promises to be a huge one! Nadal, Federer, Kim Clijsters and Caroline Wozniacki are all playing separate matches today.