Springtime Running

One of my favorite times of the year for a good run is in the springtime. I love everything about springtime running. The weather, the scenery that changes almost daily, the smells and even the weather, I just love running in the spring.

I live in an area of the country that I think is blessed. We actually experience all four seasons. The transition from late winter into early spring has always been a magical time for me. My running route typically takes me through the local park system. I enjoy running trails. In the transition period the experience of sleet, snow rain and fog are not uncommon. I just make sure I gear up properly and I enjoy the weather because I know that it will not last and soon I will be running in a glorious warm springtime.

What I like best about running in the spring is seeing the changes going on around me. Early in spring the trees start to bud and even flower. You start noticing green shoots poking up through the earth. In the very early spring the first wildflower, the skunk cabbage blooms. This stinky little plant is a relative of the Venus fly trap. Stop you springtime run momentarily to check it out.

When I plan for springtime running I chose my route carefully. Sidewalks and asphalt can be slippery. This is why I chose trails. The earth soaks up most of the moisture and even if I do have to run through a muddy puddle I don’t care, it comes with the territory. My trail running shoes are usually my footwear of choice in the early spring but on those sunny days I can switch to lighter weight footgear. On those days I can even wear my shorts. I find that layering is the way to go also. Where I live the weather can change so quickly adding or shedding a layer may happen multiple times in my run.

If the vagrancies of springtime running stop you from going out, rethink it. The proper gear and a nice route will have you hooked on it.


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