The Wahoo Fitness BlueHR Heart Rate Monitor for Weight Loss

When I finally made the decision that this was time that I got serious about losing weight and getting back into shape, I decided I would give running a try. While I certainly did not start out being much of a runner, I did progress with time and have really come to enjoy my workouts. One of the best things I did was to purchase a Wahoo Fitness BlueHR heart rate monitor. This little Wahoo monitor allows me to keep track of my progress and it provides the impetus I needed to keep me on track and moving forward.

One of the major benefits with the Wahoo Fitness monitor is that it allows you to not only keep a check on your heart rate, which is ideal for ensuring that you get the best workout possible, but it also gives you the flexibility of being able to add various features, such as a stride sensor. I love the fact that I can use my Wahoo Fitness BlueHR heart rate monitor with my iPhone 4S. This amazing little feature lets me run wirelessly and the built in Bluetooth technology sends the information from my Wahoo monitor directly to my iPhone. Talk about convenient!

I was surprised to find the many apps that work with this amazing Wahoo Fitness monitor. In fact, I use a number of different apps, but my favorite, so far, is the mapping app called MapMyRun. This is a really handy tool that not only maps my run, but after inputting my height and weight it now keeps track of how many calories I have burned during my workout. There are certainly lots of other great apps that I also like to use with my Wahoo Fitness BlueHR heart rate monitor. For example, the 3, 2, 1 Run app records my GPS coordinates as I run and the iBody app is perfect for tracking my running routes and distance, as well as my blood pressure, weight, body fat, cholesterol and of course, the number of calories I have burned.

Finding a Wahoo monitor that can keep me motivated and losing weight has been the biggest factor in helping me to achieve my weight loss goals. Of course, I still have a ways to go, but this gadget gives me the incentive and motivation I need to keep moving and I have been able to gradually increase the length of my runs as well as the intensity of my workouts.