Game, Set, No Match: Tennis Star Anna Kournikova Leaves The Biggest Loser

After only one season, tennis star Anna Kournikova has already left The Biggest Loser.
She was originally hired by NBC to replace the much-loved Jillian Michaels. Jillian left after 11 seasons to focus on starting a family and doing more charity work.
While Jillian was known for being “TV’s toughest trainer” she wasn’t known as being mean. Apparently, Anna wasn’t very well liked by the contestants or the staff. According to sources, she had a hard time differentiating between training obese people and just training. However, Anna was true to herself, and was lauded for not trying to be a Jillian replica.
What do you think? Did you see Anna on the The Biggest Loser? Are you happy or sad that she’s gone?