Guest Post>Things You Didn’t Know That Can Actually Make You Lose Weight

We all know exercise can make us lose weight so long as it’s done regularly. Sticking to a healthy diet is another weight-loss standard we’ve known for decades. And then there’s surgery and a few non-surgical procedures, recent innovations that eradicate fat without exercise or diet. But these aren’t the only ways one can lose weight.

Eating breakfast

People these days are more likely to skip breakfast. If not, they eat less than recommended. We can blame it on our hectic lives all we want but this is no excuse to skip the most important meal of the day. Others simply don’t have one out of fear of gaining weight, waiting until lunch before they eat a heavy meal. As it turns out, breakfast also plays an important role in weight management.

A research team analyzed a government study involving 4,200 adults. It was discovered that people who regularly ate cereals for breakfast had lesser fat intake compared to people who ate other foods. Women were also likely to eat fewer calories throughout a day when they eat breakfast. In another government-funded study involving 2,000 girls aged 9 to 19 it was found that those who ate breakfast cereals regularly were less likely to have weight problems than those who didn’t eat them every day. Furthermore, girls who didn’t eat cereals for breakfast on a regular basis had an increased risk of being overweight than regular eaters. Do these studies mean that I should eat cereals for breakfast? Not necessarily. You can eat any healthy food for breakfast and still be able to manage your weight.

Breakfast prevents you from binge eating at lunch and dinner which explains why people who eat them regularly have lesser fat intake. Breakfast also causes your metabolism to start-up in the morning, triggering the release of fat-metabolizing enzymes throughout the day. To lose weight, you should concentrate on eating high-fiber foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains for breakfast. They give you a feeling of fullness and yet don’t pack too many calories.

Drinking water

Unlike carbonated beverages and sweetened juices, water is a drink that has zero calories. It is a great alternative for these drinks because it quenches thirst without adding to your daily caloric intake. A research conducted by nutrition researcher Brenda Davy of Virginia Tech further validates the myth that water helps in weight loss. In one study, she and her colleagues found that older adults who drank two cups of water 30 minutes before breakfast consumed 13 percent less calories than those who didn’t drink water prior to the meal.

In a separate study, 48 overweight and obese adults aged 55 to 75 were placed on a low-calorie diet. Half of them were randomly tasked to drink 16 ounces of water before eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The other half was also given water but wasn’t told how to drink it. Results came in 12 weeks later and it was found that those who drank water before meals lost an average of 15.5 pounds compared the other group which lost only 11 pounds on average. Further research suggests that water contributes to weight loss by boosting your metabolism which in turn helps to burn more calories.

Eating Nuts

Most people avoid eating nuts when trying to lose weight because they contain high amounts of fat. However, the fats found in nuts are actually healthy and as long as you limit your daily intake to a handful, you can avoid weight gain. You have better chances of losing weight by eating almonds, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, pecans, and walnuts. These nuts can curb your appetite in between meals and are therefore great for snacking.

Snacking on nuts, drinking water before meals, and eating breakfast regularly are unique ways to lose weight. Remember to keep a positive attitude! The weight will come off.

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The Unique adidas Adipure Shoe

Going barefoot is one of the distinct joys of wearing shoes. There is no better moment than when that stuffy or uncomfortable footwear finally comes off and your feet get to be free. I love going barefoot whenever possible but need shoes for the rest of the time. Wearing shoes at the office is one thing but I should have more flexibility after hours. This is why minimal or neutral running shoes were created. I could never fully adjust to regular shoes and these styles provide a safe, comfortable ride for my feet.

The adidas Adipure running shoes gives you the distinct impression of running barefoot through the lawn on the hot summer day. They contour to feet and allow anyone to move independently. They are great training shoes for runners who need a more natural feel when in motion. Each toe is separated and I feel like I have more control. I may have a lot of possessions in my home but I could almost agree to a less cluttered lifestyle if it were anything like wearing minimal running shoes.

From the side these neutral running shoes look deceptively thin and sleek, but they provide everything your feet need without extra padding. The design lets you harness your body’s natural power and range of motion while running. The Adidas Adipure is made with stretching textile to blend to a foot and uses tooled midsole-outsole construction. These features ensure you can wear the shoe during a long run and that they provide a proper feel.

My favorite thing about minimal running shoes is not that it feels like I am barefoot but the protection the shoe provides. I love the feeling but am grateful for the tough anatomically rounded outsole that lets me cruise over pavement, track, rocks and more. I would not want to do that with barefeet, but it is easy in these training shoes. They also provide extra traction for any ground condition. They give me the extra boost to go farther and improve my running times.

I have found that these shoes are great for feet in any condition. They are gentle on sore feet and I can wear them for a whole day without discomfort. They support any feet whether one normally needs special shoes or not because they fit to and mimic the wearer’s foot. I exercise a few times a week and they are durable enough to always make the trek with me.

Whether I am going for a stroll or training for a marathon, I always wear my trusted Adidas Adipure shoes. They may be minimal running shoes but they provide a maximum amount of strength and comfort.

My Favorite Pair of Running Shoes!

I started running for fun and exercise about 5 years ago. It took me a while to get into the mode of feeling comfortable running long distances. I soon realized that maybe a new pair if running shoes would help with my daily running. I knew at the point I needed to go shoe shopping!

I went through several pairs of shoes trying to find the one that was a perfect match for me and running. It started to seem like I was never going to find that perfect pair of running shoes. One day I was at the outlet mall and saw an adidas outlet. There were hundreds of adidas shoes to choose from. I had previously heard that adidas was a very reputable company so I figured I would give it a whirl. I first checked out the adidas adipure running shoes. I was told that they were one of the most natural running shoes out on the market right then. I then had the sales man go get me a pair of the adidas adipure running shoes to try on and see if they felt right. I put them on and started to walk around in my soon to be favorite adidas shoes. I knew at that moment I had to have them if I wanted a pair of natural running shoes. I also ended of purchasing them for a better than average price. When I got home I immediately wanted to go for a run. When I went on my run I started to think about how glad I was that I made the investment in the shoes that I did. It honestly felt like a whole new me when I was doing my daily 3 mile run.

I have had a great overall experience when it comes to adidas shoes. I would never purchase another brand of running shoes after how well I have learned they hold up. I had my first pair of running shoes for over a year and they are still in a condition that I could wear them. If anybody were to ask me what a great brand of running shoes is, I would have to tell them that adidas is the only brand of running shoes in my eyes!


The Benefits of A Friendly Squash Game

I played my first real squash game a month ago. I’d heard of the game in college but I had no idea how to play. My husband and I headed to the gym with borrowed squash equipment. It was a little confusing to me at first. I didn’t even understand the squash balls, they’re practically dead and you have to roll them under your feet to warm them up. Overall, the game is like racquetball, with a few different rules and that non-bouncing ball. I really enjoyed that first experience and have tried to play regularly to this day.

One thing I like about this game is that it moves very fast and is a really good cardio workout. It does not feel like a workout because you have to focus on the strategy and tactics of the game. It did not take that long to learn how to play squash, by the end of our first session I had it down pretty well. It was not long before I went ahead and bought squash equipment and balls of my own.

As a beginner, I used squash balls that had a lot more bounce in them but I have moved on to a more challenging, firmer ball. There are different levels of bounce in the different styles of squash balls which helps make the game easier for those with less experience. It is a lot easier to play with someone about your same skill level or a bit better who uses the same equipment as you. The game becomes very challenging playing a highly skilled player and using their balls with less bounce.

One thing about squash equipment I learned is that goggles are almost imperative. Eye protection should be a top priority considering the swinging rackets and speed of the ball. You will get in the other players way and you will swing the racket close to each other. With a few precautions though, the game is as safe as any other pick-up sport.

I would absolutely recommend this sport to anyone interested in trying something new. At least ask someone who plays to let you join in a squash game. It is a great workout, is quite strategic, and is inexpensive to play. Best of all, you can burn up to 1400 calories in just one hour! It may take a while to get really good, but it does not take long to learn how to play squash.


Does anyone remember their first pair of athletic shoes? Probably not, but you probably do remember your first pair of really good athletic shoes. The ones that you wore until the sole was falling off and your big toe had punched through the top.

Anyone that is a runner remembers that pair of Asics, the ones that fit like a great pair of jeans, which were wrapped with duct tape around the ball of the shoe covering a hole in the bottom. That same pair of shoes that saw you through your first 5k race, the one where you barely finished, just got you through a 10K where you finished in the front of the pack.

Asics has been a reputable name in the athletic shoe game in the U.S. since 1977, when Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka a Japanese businessman, transformed his basketball shoe company, into the athletic shoe dynasty we know today. The name ASICS is based on a Latin phrase “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano”. This translated means “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body” which was Onisuka’s belief that the best way to a healthy and happy lifestyle is to promote total health and fitness.

Today, the company still strives to bring harmony to the body and soul. This philosophy is evident in their products like the Asics Gel DS Trainer. This trainer, so light weight you barely feel them on your feet, has great stability to protect you through whatever training you want to engage. The beauty of this newest trainer is they are suitable for a beginning runner, yet its stability is suitable for a race veteran. One report stated that the Asics Gel running shoe was the most worn shoe of participants in the Ironman Triathlon.

Today ASICS Gel running shoes upper layers are thinner, with more ventilation for your toes, making the shoe ultra-lightweight. This breathing capability means less need for washing, giving the shoe a longer life span. The Asics Gel DS trainer changes more with each new edition, more than any of the Asics Gel running shoes. The company’s website claims that the Asics designers “mess with” this shoe more than anything they make. Why change this shoe more with each version than any other shoe that Asics makes? I would guess that runners demand more “out of their shoes” than other consumer athletes.

On paper, the shoes available today from Asics sound like they make your feet enjoy the workout. I guess the only way to find out is to buy a pair of Asics Gel DS Trainers and take them for a test run.


Holabird Sports is offering Asics Gel DS Trainer running shoes at low closeout prices. Get yours today before they’re gone!

My New Timex GPS watch

Have you ever made a discovery that was completely the opposite of what your first impression was? I had that experience recently and of all things, it was a gifted Timex GPS watch that turned my paradigm upside down. Here’s a quick story and how much I now love the watch.

I finally decided to break into my watch my brother gave me for Christmas. Yes, I know it was a long time ago. I have been busy and finally found the time to do it. Anyways, the watch is a Timex. Actually to be more specific it is a Timex running watch, complete with GPS system on-board. Well, I remember when I opened it on Christmas Day, I was not impressed. The packaging kind of threw me off, as well as the colors. Also the band was hard to see with all the plastic surrounding it, but once I got it out it was a completely different story.

I love it. I can’t take it off. The Timex GPS is the best part because I can literally measure speed, distance, and pace in real-time. So cool! I had an old Timex running watch a couple of years ago, and this one literally beats it by a mile. My faith in Timex has been restored!

When I wear it out, it’s not really noticeable that it’s a sports watch. Most sport watches are big and bulky, but you can tell this one was designed for the runner on the go. I’m pretty excited because it’s so cool that I am excited about the time I get to use it. I look forward to exercise! How weird is that, right? Well I can tell this is a match made in heaven because my regular watch just broke and I have been meaning to buy another to replace it, but now I will just wear this around instead. It has everything I need, actually a lot more than I need!

All in all, get one! Seriously, I don’t even like watches and this thing is the coolest thing since sliced bread. No joke.

Roger Federer Chooses the Wilson Pro Staff Six. One

In order to stay ahead of the competition, tennis players are always looking to find better equipment which will give players the upper hand over their competition. Wilson is constantly answering this call for improved tennis gear and the Wilson Pro Staff Six.One is a shining example. The Wilson Pro Staff racquet is a brand new design which is leading the field of tennis racquets. In the recent Australia Open you may have noticed Roger Federer was using a brand new racquet, the Wilson Pro Staff Six.One.

This Wilson tennis racquet is constructed with a braided combined with the “Ampifeel” technology which makes it one of the best racquets developed by Wilson. The Wilson Pro Staff racquet kept some of the features from the earlier model such as the Basalt fiber (BLX) technology which provides players with an increase in feel as well as frame feedback.

When taking an initial look at this racquet, you may not notice any change. However Wilson has made a number of subtle design updates to create the stylish Wilson Pro Staff Six. One. One of the advantages to this racquet is the string spacing in the sweet spot of the racquet. When looking at the three and nine o’clock areas of the racquet you will notice that there are now five strings instead of four across the PWS bar allowing for more kick and better control. With advantages like this, it is no wonder why Federer has decided to use this racquet above all others.

The Wilson Pro Staff Six. One also has the “Ampifeel” handle technology which allows the player to have an even cleaner and enhanced feel in the racquet. The “Ampifeel” technology also allows the ability to customize the handle system of the racquet providing additional comfort and support.

Designed to help the players with control and to maximize spin this Wilson tennis racquet is an excellent example of stability and maneuverability in one racquet. The dimensions of this racquet also give players an advantage. The 90 square inch head size provides players with the ultimate feel and control for players who wish to take their game to the level of Federer. The Wilson Pro Staff Six. One has a 17mm flat beam frame which provides for an increase in accuracy which is not found among most modern tennis racquets.

When looking for a new tennis racquet, make the same choice that Roger Federer made with the Wilson Pro Staff Six. One.

Stormtech Jackets: All the Rage

We’ve been lucky so far this winter: It’s been, for the most part, relatively mild. However, we did have a 17 degree day and on that day I was so happy that I had my Stormtech jacket on. Stormtech jackets are all the rage in sports today–for good reason. They offer many different types of jackets and each one serves a purpose. Now, to be fair, some Stormtech’s may be more expensive than other brands of sport jackets, but they are so well designed and last so long that they are honestly worth the cost. Here are some types of sports jackets that can serve your needs.

Stormtech Waterproof Jackets

The most popular style of Stormtech jacket is the waterproof jacket. In my opinion, it should be called the weatherproof jacket. These jackets use something called the Stormtech H2Xtreme. The jackets have a microporous membrane bonded to the interior panel of the outshell fabric, it sounds really fancy but it basically works like the pores of your skin, rain can’t penetrate but sweat can escape. The Stormtech website claims that, “The H2Xtreme collection ensures waterproof protection of at least 5000 mm. This means that if all of the rain drops hitting your jacket could stack on top of each other—they would have to stack up at least 5 meters before the water could exert enough pressure to get you wet.” Pretty impressive, right?

Stormtech Micro Shells
The light and micro shells are popular for rainy and windy days. They keep inclement weather out while allowing you to breathe. You can wear them over anything without worrying about getting too hot. They offer the best windbreakers in the market.

Stormtech Thermal Shell
This shell will keep the water and wind out and the polar fleece lining keeps you amazingly warm. It’s everything you need in one jacket.

Go ahead and buy some cozy warmth or protection from the elements and look good. On the next cold, windy day, you’ll be happy that you did.

Running in the Dark

The recent time change means it is getting darker much earlier. Many of us will find ourselves running in the dark after work.  Here are a few tips, tricks and safety precautions to follow while running.


Be visual. Run against traffic so you can see cars coming toward you. Wear bright clothing so people will notice you. At night, wear reflective pieces on your clothing and shoes.  Yes, you might feel ridiculous wearing a bright orange reflective vest, but, it’s better to reflect than regret.

Always carry identification. This may sound morbid, but if something does happen to you, you want to be quickly identified. If you don’t want to carry anything you can order an ID tag that ties right on your shoelaces. However, if you wear a medical ID bracelet during other activities, you really should wear it while running. If possible, invest in a running belt to hold your identification, health insurance card, and cell phone.

Be aware. If you are running outside alone, you need to rely on all five of your senses to keep you safe. Listening to music and/or not paying attention to your surroundings can be the difference between life and death. You won’t be able to hear someone coming up behind you—a person or a car. In addition, if someone sees you wearing headphones he may mark you as a potential victim. Finally, try to be aware of cracks in the road, rocks, or anything else in your path that could cause you to fall and hurt yourself.

Don’t appear vulnerable. Paying attention to your surroundings, holding your head high and staying strong can let someone know that you are not to be messed with. When someone yells something derogatory or makes a catcall ignore him and keep running. And, if someone tries to stop you, don’t show any fear. Instead, keep your voice strong and steady, tell them to stop it and do not stop running.

Watch out for drivers. Drivers don’t always pay attention. They talk on the phone, fiddle with the radio, light cigarettes and even put on makeup. Whenever possible you want to make sure that drivers can see you. For example, try to make eye contact at an intersection before you start your way through.

Share the path. Communicate with other runners and cyclists so you know which side you should pass on. Practice basic etiquette. Getting hit by a bicycle or having to dive off of a path can be unpleasant, painful, and really embarrassing.

Plan your route. When running alone it is vital that you always know where you are, you don’t want to get lost in a dangerous area. If you want to try a new running route, drive it first or better yet, run it with a group or a friend.

Use the buddy system. Someone else always needs to know where you are at all times. This means the exact route you are running, when you left and when you are expected to return home. Find a buddy who you can call and check in with. I call my sister before I leave the house; she knows that if I’m not back in my usual amount of time that something is wrong.

Vary your routes and times. This may sound contradictory, but you should have a few different routes to choose from, it may keep you from getting bored and more importantly if anyone noticed you one day you won’t be there for him to attack the next. Mix it up; just make sure your “alert buddy” knows which route you are running on which day.

Carry a cell phone. Whenever possible you should run with a cell phone. Make sure that it is on so you can be located by its GPS system. A cell phone lets other people see that you are not “alone” and will make them think twice about bothering you. If you get hurt a cell phone will let you call for help.

Wear a whistle. Buy a whistle and wear it around your neck. Not only will the screeching sound of a loudly blown whistle alert someone that you are in danger, it will hopefully surprise and scare away any attacker.

Wear layers. If you are running in the desert or mountains or any place where the climate can quickly change, you should wear layers. This way if you get lost or injured and have to wait for someone to come and help you, you will have some extra protection from the elements.

Tie your shoes. This may sound silly but make sure your shoes are tied so you don’t have to stop. If a stranger starts following you the last thing you want is to have to stop and tie your shoes. Also, untied shoes can cause you to trip, fall and hurt yourself.

Asics Squash Shoes: When the Weather Gets Bad, Head Indoors

When you are looking for the best court shoes to use when playing squash, you first should consider the very best brands. I know tons of runners who wouldn’t dare run without their Asics on; however, when it comes to squash, they forgo this top brand. I have no idea why. The squash shoes Asics makes are top of the line—not only are you going to be getting the best squash shoes, you are also going to get one of the best known name brands, one of the most comfortable shoes on the court, and the shoes that are going to give you the necessary power and acceleration, allowing you to truly compete in a game.

Asics squash shoes are really comfortable but they’re great for protecting your feet and ankles. The last thing you want is to have an injury on the court, and all the stop and go of squash, whether you are practicing or playing in a big match against an opponent, can wreak havoc on your ankles. Asics squash shoes offer top of the line lateral support. The men’s squash shoes Asics makes come in a variety of styles and colors, but all have the high performance support and comfort. The same goes for the women’s squash shoes Asics makes, you will have a choice in what style shoe is best for your level of play.

With so many choices to consider, you are bound to find a shoe that is going to complement your game, keep you feeling comfortable and light on the court, and offer whatever levels of ankle protection you need while playing at the highest levels and the quickest speeds against an opponent. You will also find that Asics makes the best court shoes, ones that will allow you to move quickly on your feet. Don’t worry; you won’t get stuck on a step, due to rolling an ankle, or the shoe’s grip getting lost on the court while you are running at your fastest speeds.

So, if you want the most comfortable, the right levels of protection, and the best in name brands when you are choosing the squash shoes for your game, you will want to consider Asics squash shoes for your purchase. Not only can you trust the brand name, but you are going to love the feel of the shoes on the court, and the level of performance they will give you.